Do you need fun, engaging and purposeful Teen Number Activities For Little Learners? Here is the perfect activities for your students to learn and practice teen numbers.

Moving on to teen numbers is exciting for little learners. However, you need to have hands-on, intentional, purposeful and fun activities for practicing this next important math skill.


Here are my go-to tools for explicitly teaching and practicing those tricky teen numbers! Have you tried any of these? [Linx in bi0/pr0file] #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #littlelearners #kindergarten #teacher #iteach #education #education #homeschool #teachertok #teach #math

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Teen Number Punch Cards

I created these Teen Number Punch Cards for additional practice in identifying and ‘building’ teen numbers. My students LOVE being able to use highlighters & hole punchers for this hands-on activity! And I LOVE that they are getting practice with teen numbers that is purposeful, yet FUN!

Check out this Bundle for additional activities and savings.

Pool Noodles


Here is a fun and hands-on way to teach and practice tens and ones! ➡️Buy pool noodles. 1️⃣Use a sharpie to draw 10 different units or ones on the whole pool noodle 2️⃣Take the 2nd pool noodle and cut into 9 separate ‘ones’ 3️⃣ Little Learners can choose a teen number from the white board and cross it out and then use the pool noodles to show the number 4️⃣Other fun alternatives are using a spinning wheel or jumbo dice to select the number. ❓Any questions? 🤩 And if you LOVE this, don’t forget to like♥️save 📲 and even tag a teacher friend who would love this idea! #kindergartenchaos #teachertok #poolnoodlehack #teacherhacksandtips #handsonlearning

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Take a pool noodle and draw nine marks. Cut another pool noodle into 9 pieces. Have students show teen number using both of the noodles. Combine this activity with the spinning wheel for added fun!! Your little learners will love practicing teen numbers with this activity!!

All About Numbers 0-30

This amazing All About Numbers resource not only has anchor chart clip art, but printable practice pages and number book. All of the teen numbers are included. A must-have for the kindergarten classroom. Don’t forget to check out post “Explicitly Teaching Numbers” for additional ideas and information.

**FREEBIE**Jumbo Number Cards

This **FREEBIE** is perfect for teaching and practicing teen numbers with your little learners. Just add counters and/or manipulatives with these printable **FREEBIE**cards. Use for your math station/centers, small group, or individual practice.

Brand New Bundle For Teen Number Teaching and Practice

This bundle was created in response to teachers’ need for resources that help explicitly introduce and teach teen numbers 11-20, along with practice pages, punch cards, and jumbo cards. Activities included in this bundle can be found individually and are described in detail above.

Count and Match Bundle

These amazingly fun, engaging and purposeful counting mats are great for teaching and practicing numbers 0-30. A math station, whole group, small group, or individual practice activity that your little learners will love. This bundle includes 11 counting mats that are themed monthly.

Go to post “Count & Match Mats For The Whole Year” for more ideas and information.

Digital Count and Match Teen Number Activity

Digital year-long monthly count and match activity includes numbers 0-20. Perfect computer activity for teen number practice for your students. If you have a computer station, this is a must have math practice activity!

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Dollar Store Building Teen Numbers Activity

This inexpensive, fun and purposeful activity is perfect for teen number practice.


Clear Plastic Cups




Using the Sharpie, write numbers 11-20 on cups. Then cut straws into smaller pieces, leaving a few whole. The whole straws will represent 10’s and smaller cut straws represent 1’s. Students will then practice teen numbers by adding 1 whole straw along with the number of smaller straws to complete the teen number. Easy!!! Fun!!! And meaningful!!!


Here is a hands-on way and inexpensive way to practice the Kindergarten standard: K.NBT.A ➡️ I just used clear cups and straws and divided plate from DollarTree!🤩 You could also just use cards with numbers or the spinning wheel to determine what number each@Little Learner is going to show. 💬Please let me know what you think of this activity and don’t forget to save as a reminder of this idea! 😍 #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #kidsactivities #kindergartenmath #handsonlearning #handsonmath

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Blog post “Super Easy Kindergarten Center Ideas Created With Dollar Store Supplies” has more ideas and information.

Number Puzzles

These number puzzles not only help with ordering numbers 0-20, but are editable for your needs. Year long bundle with themed fun for your little learners.

I hope this gives you plenty of ideas and resources for teaching teen numbers to your little learners with purpose and fun. Please comment below or on my social media–FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok or YouTube.

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