Are you in need of a fun and engaging Kindergarten graduation/promotion ideas? Do you need a promotion certificate to pass out to your little learners? Here are 2 FREEBIE Kindergarten Graduation Ideas for this momentous day for your little learners.

Whether your school calls it graduation or promotion, kindergarteners everywhere love the ceremony to end the kindergarten school year and get promoted to the 1st grade. Here are 2 **FREEBIES** that will help make this day very special and memorable.

Kindergarten Completion Editable Certificates

Not only are these certificates colorful, easy to download and print, but are editable to add the information you desire. Fun and free from me to you!!

End of the Year Power Point Presentation **FREEBIE**

Everything you need to create a fun and engaging slide show for your kindergarten promotion ceremony. This is fun and easy to use.

Just draw a thinking cloud on an outside wall with sidewalk chalk. Take a photo of each child next to the cloud. Add picture to slideshow along with what they want to be when they grow up. Voila!!! A great addition to your graduation/promotion ceremony for your little learners.


Here is a last-minute FREE idea and slideshow template that is quick and easy! 1️⃣I drew a thinking cloud on an outside block wall 2️⃣I took each students’ picture ‘thinking’ 3️⃣I added each student’s picture, along with what they wanted to be when they grew up, along with a clip art image 🎓Perfe t slideshow for a promotion or graduation! And the slideshow template is free…check my linktree/bio/profile! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #kindergartengraduation #endofschool #kindergartenpromotion #kindergartenslideshow #preschoolgraduation #preschoolslideshow

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I hope these 2 FREEBIE Kindergarten Graduation Ideas helps make your graduation day fun and engaging for both you and your little learners. Do you want another kindergarten graduation activities? Check out post “Kindergarten Graduation Activity **FREEBIE**“.

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