Need a Kindergarten Graduation Activity **FREEBIE** for your little learners? This is a fun, engaging and purposeful activity that your students will love!!

Make Kindergarten Graduation Special with Poems and Songs

Whether your school considers it a graduation or promotion, marking the end of the kindergarten school year with a special activity is always a great idea. One such activity is to incorporate the End of the Year Poem & Songs, which not only adds a fun element to the day but also provides additional academic practice.

This Kindergarten Graduation Activity **FREEBIE** includes songs and poems that are perfect for kindergarten graduation/promotion. Write them on sentence strips and place them in a pocket chart to help students practice reading and decoding sentences in a fun way. Before the graduation ceremony, little learners can illustrate the poem pages, which can then be taken home as a keepsake of their time in kindergarten.

Get this **FREEBIE**! It’s simple – just download and print. Voila!!! Another intentional, fun and engaging activity from Kindergarten Chaos.

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