Have you taken your kindergarten class on a field trip this year? Have you considered an online field trip? Since Covid and the influx of all things virtual, there are many more virtual and online options for field trips. Here are a few Virtual Field Trips For Kindergarten that are fun for your little learners.

What Is A Virtual Field Trip?

A virtual field trip is a way for little learners to explore a place or topic without physically being there. It typically involves using technology, such as videos or interactive websites, to simulate the experience of being on a real field trip. This can be fun and informative for your students.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo has an amazing and fun video series just for little explorers. Many different live cams and videos about your favorite animals are available. Have your little learners watch the videos, then discuss what they learned. As for academic practice, let them write in their journals or writing books about the animals or draw about them.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has several different programs for your little learners. Virtual field trips begin in April. Check out this web site for all the details. They can learn all about animals that they may never see in person.

Egg Farms

Discover Modern Egg Farming Through Virtual Field Trips with the American Egg Board and Discovery Education. For the past decade, the American Egg Board has teamed up with Discovery Education to offer Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips to classrooms across America. Take this opportunity to join the country’s egg farmers in exploring their state-of-the-art facilities and learn all about modern egg farming. Your little learners will love this virtual field trip in combination with the many different egg activities for this time of year.

Check out post “Easter Egg Activities For Little Learners” for more activities.

Dairy Farms

Many dairy farms have virtual field trips available for your students. The Dairy Alliance has a variety of options for you to peruse and pick for your little learners. Students can learn about milk from the beginning to when it ends up in the carton at their table. A fun way to learn about the food and drinks they love.

Arizona Milk Producers also have a great virtual field trip along with activity resources available.


After your little learners go on the virtual field trip, having an activity available for academic practice on what they learned is important. Here is a **FREEBIE** Primary Writing Paper to use for this purposeful practice.

Need more information on teaching writing? Go to “Writing Activities For Little Learners“.

What other virtual field trips have your discovered for your little learners? Please feel free to leave a comment below or on my social media-FBInstagramPinterestTikTok, or YouTube.

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