Do you in need purposeful yet engaging Writing Activities For Little Learners? Are you needing more intentional and fun purposeful practice activities for writing? Here are some that I have found to be effective and fun.

Writing is an essential skill for everyone. I have a writing course that has tips, techniques, and many activities for you to intentionally and effectively teach little learners with purpose and fun. This is a must-have course for every Pre-K, K, and 1st grade educator.

Check out these posts for more–“Teaching Writing To Kindergarteners” and “All About Writing For Kindergarten Teachers“.


Have you been waiting?! 🙋🏻‍♀️Horray! The Little Learners Teacher Academy: All About Writing course is officially open! It’s always been my mission and passion to share what the standards of kindergarten writing are/mean and HOW to teach them in a developmentally appropriate way! ✏️ Are you interested? 📝What questions do you have for me about this course? #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #teachertok #kindergartenwriting #professionaldevelopment #teacherpd

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Magna Doodle

Your little learners will love practicing their writing with these fun Magna Doodles!! Just download, print and laminate these cards for uppercase, lowercase, and beginning sound writing practice.


Sharing this oldie but goodie!🤩The mini-Magna doodle boards come from the DollarTree➡️Use a sharpie to add writing lines➡️Add in my Magna Doodle Writing Cards and voila…an amazing writing station activity! 🧡Cards include upper & lowercase letters + beginning sound picture cards! #kindergarten #kindergartenactivities #kindergartenchaos #kindergartentips #teachertips #handsonlearning

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Need more information regarding Magna Doodle activities? Check out “Magna Doodles For Little Learners“.

List Writing **FREEBIE**

List writing is a perfect beginning writing activity. Download this **FREEBIE** and your little learners can write a list of friends, candy, gifts, animals and many more!! Another awesome **FREEBIE** from Kindergarten Chaos!! Join Teachers Lounge to get the **FREEBIE**.

Label A Picture

Labeling is one of the first writing practice activities for little learners. This is a fun and engaging year-long activity bundle that both you and your students will love. With over 40 themes, this activity is a perfect addition to your writing practice.

Go to post “Labeling For Little Learners” for more on this resource.

Character & Setting Cards

This is an amazing, fun and effective writing activity for beginning writers!! Download, print and laminate these character and setting cards. Use first as a whole group sorting activity with a pocket chart. Next, put the character or setting cards that have been printed in black and white into a paper bag. Each student can then withdraw one out of the bag, paste to a page in their journal, and draw a setting to match the character card, or draw a character to match the setting card. Both you and your little learners will love this writing activity!!


Teaching Characters & Setting is important for retelling, but also for beginning writers! Using Character & Setting cards makes learning developmentally appropriate, meaningful and FUN! 🙋🏻‍♀️Who wants to check out the Character & Setting Cards? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #kindergarten #backtoschool2022 #teachertok #kindergarten #teachertips #teachersoftiktok

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Need more information? Go to “Character & Setting Cards for Beginning Writers” for more information and ideas.

**FREEBIE** Primary Writing Paper

This **FREEBIE** is a perfect download for your little learners journal activity. Just print and copy for a visual rubric to assist in the writing process.


Do you have writing journals for your students? Here are a few ideas to make them for your students and the writing paper is free! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #littlelearners #kindergarten #teacher #iteach #education #writing #homeschool #teacher

♬ Something Good – Ellen Once Again

Informational Writing

Informational writing is fun and engaging with this Penguin activity. Simple format for your little learners that include circle map, tree map, and final draft paper with illustration box. A must have with your Penguin themed activities.


I love Informational Writing and it’s lots of fun when learning and writing about Penguins!🐧 I like to have my students complete their Penguin Report (Let me know if you want to see this resource) and then have students create their own Penguin Craft to go along with the report! And this Penguin Craft is a FREEBIE!🐧#kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergartentips #kindergartenactivities #teachertips #finemotoractivity #januaryactivities

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (Piano) – BANG IA

Want more ideas and activities for Penguins? Go to “Penguin Activities In Kindergarten“.

Do you want more ideas, information, and activities for writing for your little learners? Check out these blogs–“Writing Sentences In Kindergarten” and “All About the Writing Station in Kindergarten“.


Don’t forget to include handwriting skills! This is a great guide for the grown-ups of your little learners to help with practicing at home. A must-have!!


I asked what was on your teacher plate for the month of November and many teachers responded with conferences! ✏️You may want to include this Grown-Ups Guide to Handwriting in the resources you hand out to parents/grownups. Includes proper grasp and practice pages! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #teachershelpingteachers #kindergartenteacher #teachertok

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Kindergarten Handwriting” has more ideas and activities for your little learners.

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