I love the wintertime and using Penguin Activities In Kindergarten this time of year. Unless students have been to the zoo, most have not seen a penguin up close. Using penguins for academic learning is so fun and the kinders love it!!

Who doesn’t love these cute and entertaining birds? I certainly do and have found that most kindergarteners are enamoured with this adorable black and white bird. Having academic activities with fun penguins can make learning engaging, fun and meaningful. Here are some activities and resources I love for Penguin Week!!


Having a variety of both informational and fictional books about penguins is a necessity for this fun seasonal theme. Here are a few of my favorites.

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The above books have just the right amount of information for little learners. Not too wordy but informative. “This Bird Can’t Fly” has simple words that kindergarteners can read. Perfect for this subject.

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Two additional informational books from National Geographic Kids. Lots of Penguin facts as well as excellent photos.

How could we forget Tacky the Penguin!!! Students along with teachers love this book!!

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Here are two more books that are both funny and very enjoyable. Your little learners will love reading these during this Penguin Week!!

Listening or Reading Station

Do you have a listening or reading station? If not you can set one up. All you need is a table or desk, cd player with headphones, and books with corresponding cds. Students can then rotate and listen to the cd while following along with the book.

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Now is the time when informational writing is introduced. Penguin Informational Writing activity is a fun, engaging and purposeful way to introduce and practice this literacy skill.

Not only does this activity include a report cover, circle map, tree map, Final Draft Writing Paper with Illustration Box, but also includes a Label a Penguin activity. All you need for this skill introduction and practice.

Digital Penguin Activities In Kindergarten

This CVC spelling Boom Card digital resource is perfect for your little learners to practice CVC spelling. Includes 24 cards in all, focusing equally on all middle sounds: A, E, I, O and U. Excellent digital resource for you computer station.

Need more information on computer stations? Go to “Computer Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” and “Boom Cards: Everything You Need To Know“.

**FREEBIE** Penguin Craft

Since art hits so many standards without worksheets, I love using crafts to teach without the academic pressure on the students. Having activities with multiple steps that require little learners to follow directions is a meaningful yet engaging way to practice academic skills. This **FREEBIE** is a fun penguin that requires folding, tracing and using scissors. Not only academic, but fine motor practice.


I love Informational Writing and it’s lots of fun when learning and writing about Penguins!🐧 I like to have my students complete their Penguin Report (Let me know if you want to see this resource) and then have students create their own Penguin Craft to go along with the report! And this Penguin Craft is a FREEBIE!🐧#kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergartentips #kindergartenactivities #teachertips #finemotoractivity #januaryactivities

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (Piano) – BANG IA

Go to post “Incorporating Art In The Kindergarten Classroom” for more ideas and information or “Ideas For Penguin Week in Your Kindergarten Classroom” for previous post on this subject.

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