Purposeful and engaging Math activities that are also fun and useful is a MUST in any classroom. I believe learning activities must be relevant and engaging, yet expand their knowledge and understanding of the outside world.

Here are some suggestions and activities that may help make your math curriculum fun and purposeful.

Math Stations

Math stations are a must in the kindergarten classroom.

I start with simple plastic bins with a lid. Inside is everything that the individual student/group needs to complete their station- no wandering around to find something! Each bin has a project such as a Count and Match Laminated sheet, manipulatives, and a recording sheet along with crayons/pencil/markers.

This Monthly Count and Match Bundle is perfect for a year round math station activity. Students are then able to work with a group or independently. Use manipulatives that coordinate with your season to make especially fun and engaging.

Computer Stations

If your classroom is fortunate enough to have a computer work station, these digital boom cards are a perfect resource for kindergarteners to learn and practice their math skills.

Go to my Kindergarten Chaos Store for many more Math Boom Cards that are available.

Anchor Charts

I love, love, love anchor charts. Here are some ideas on how to utilize anchor charts while teaching math concepts.

Want more ideas and “how to’s” for Anchor Charts? Head on over to my blog on “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and “Classroom Management Anchor Charts“.

If you are looking for resource to explicitly teach Addition and Subtraction. Look no further! Here it is!! This is all you will need to teach the 9 different addition strategies and the 8 different subtraction strategies to your little learners! These also come with printable clip art images for your anchor charts!!


Students LOVE games and practicing skills with hands-on activities!  I started creating and using Jenga/Tumbling Tower games during my small group time for literacy and math. My students couldn’t wait to come and learn and practice with me! (This is multi-purpose–can use for literacy as well.)

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