We’re kindergarten teachers. Not only do we need to teach the standards, we need to make it fun. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes this can be a tad bit overwhelming. We have to celebrate holidays & include all the exciting themes but making sure our students are actually learning. Well, when it comes to Earth Day I’ve got you covered.

Earth Day Color By Code

This Earth Day Color By Code is not just free, it is EDITABLE. You can make this activity relevant to what you are teaching now. Math? Yep. CVC Words? Yep. Letter ID? Yep. The question is, what skill do your students need extra practice on? Use this activity for that skill!

What do I mean? You can edit to include:

This resource is completely editable. You can edit the code box & the skills of the activity. This is fantastic news because now you can cross that one thing off your list that has been bugging you. That one perfect activity that you have yet to find, you have now found! You can edit to add any skill! PLUS, you can use this to differentiate between students.
P.S. It is simple to do, but I also provide a how to tutorial.

This Earth Day Color By Code is free. Don’t stop there, though. You can have this same amazingness all year round with our Color By Code Year Long Bundle.

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