With the academic year gradually winding down, it’s time for ABC Countdown To Summer. This is an opportunity to celebrate the year’s accomplishments!! As we started the school year with the alphabet, I find it fitting to end with the alphabet as well.

There are numerous countdown calendars and ideas related to this topic available online. Do you feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to execute all the wonderful kindergarten ideas related to this topic? Here are some of my fun ideas and activities for ABC Countdown To Summer.

ABC Countdown!!

First, choose whether you want to proceed alphabetically from A to Z or from Z to A. As the school year began with the letter A, practicing the alphabet in reverse is a fun way to reinforce learning and review what has been taught.

Start the day off with whole group poem, book, web map, or morning message that includes the letter of the day. Have all or most of the activities including the snack contain the letter of the day.

Include the students and their grown-ups in the preparations for this countdown. They may need to bring in a snack, dress accordingly to the letter, or bring something from home to share. Creating a handout is an effective method to communicate with adults and get them ready for this activity.

Animal Art Activity

Organizing and preparing for ABC Countdown To Summer is made easy with this activity.

So many ways to incorporate this into your countdown. Download, print and have ready for your daily letter activity.

Students can color, paint, make torn paper art, salt art, or any other art supply activity with these Alphabet Animal Art templates.

See “Alphabet Animal Art Ideas” for more ideas.


Download this **FREEBIE** for ideas and activities for this end of year ABC Countdown!!

Balloon Countdown

My students loved this end of school countdown activity.

Decorate your bulletin board however you choose. I used my blank board, added the man, a banner with my “Up, Up, and Away to 1st Grade” and as many balloons as the number of school days left.

While filling the balloons, I added a fun activity we could do that day that was out of the ordinary and fun for the students. Such as–go outside for sidewalk chalk coloring, go to big kids playground for recess, outside bubble activity, popsicles, etc. There are endless possibilities.

Pick a student to pop a balloon at random. This can be done first thing in the morning, sometime during the day, or the day before. After the balloon is popped, complete the activity that’s inside. Have fun!

However you choose to do an end-of-school countdown, make it fun, intentional, and productive for both you and your little learners.

Go to “Kindergarten End Of Year Celebration Ideas” for more ideas.

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