Hi friends! It’s late, but I am still up thinking about What now? After Winter Break Lesson Plans!

Lesson Plans & Ideas For After Winter Break

Lesson Plan & Ideas For After Winter Break

I have been inspired over Winter Break to take on some new challenges, as well as put more effort into things that I LOVE! And I love teaching Kindergarten, creating, AND blogging! So after a little thought, I jumped into the TPT creating water, and started my own TPT store; appropriately named…Kindergarten Chaos! 🙂

TPT Store Pic

I have also decided to try something new with my blog here and post a snapshot of my weekly lesson plans, as well as what I am using in my Daily 5 and Daily 3 stations. I would love to get your feedback on my idea and if you find it helpful or not. This first week is not complete, but again, bare with me, as I find my through this new adventure. And of course, please give me suggestions or ask questions!


This first page is where I will be giving the overview of my content lessons. What else do you want to see here? What would be helpful for you?


This next page is blank, because I just created it and plan to fill it in over the next day or two. I would also love to add pictures, so you can actually see what each station looks like and entails. Again…opinions please!

While the lesson plans reflect  The Mitten and The Hat, both stories from Jan Brett, I do plan on going over the rules and procedures for our classroom AGAIN! I find that this first week after Winter Break is perfect for changing any classroom procedures and reiterating classroom rules. If you haven’t read my 35+ Books to Teach Classroom Rules and Procedures, RUN to this blog post, to get some great ideas for using literature to teach or re-teach your classroom rules and procedures!

Be back [hopefully} tomorrow, to add more pictures and details to this lesson plan and post. In the meantime, leave me a comment about your thoughts on this weekly post and what you would like to see!

Happy 1st day back after Winter Break!

After Winter Break Lesson Plans & Ideas

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  1. I love the lesson plan idea!!! Would love it even more if you could send it earlier then Monday! I would pay for the plans on TPT even!

    1. Thank you for your input!! I will do my best to get the newsletter out sooner and will work on getting some lesson plans out. 🙂

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