Fun and Easy ideas for Penguin Week in your kindergarten classroom.

Hello friends! Who is ready for Penguin Week in Kindergarten?! I certainly am!! I happen to have a ‘thing’ for black and white animals and Penguins definitely fall into that category. My only problem is that there are so many fun activities, books, and lessons that it is hard to fit everything into only 1 week! Let’s get started…

Here are a few books that I will be using to help build background knowledge about Penguins.

(Click on the picture of each book to purchase your own copy from Amazon)

Penguin Books for the Classroom
Penguins Scholastic Book

This Penguins books is the perfect informational-text book for Kindergartners. Just enough information, but not too wordy.

National Geographic Penguins Explore my World Book

Two more great informational-texts from National Geographic Kids. Excellent pictures to share, along with Penguin facts.

This Bird Can't Fly Science Book

I love these easy science readers that I purchased in a set from Scholastic. Simple words that even the students can read!

Tacky the Penguin

And who could forget Tacky the Penguin?! If you are not familiar with these books, go look for them in your school or local library or purchase them from Scholastic or Amazon! They are funny books that all kids seem to enjoy!

Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere
Little Penguin Lost

Penguin Craft

I am a firm believer of art in the classroom, as it hits so many standards without any worksheets or ‘academic’ pressure on the students. I don’t always have ‘product’ art in my art station, but when I do, I love projects that have multiple steps and require the students to follow directions. This week’s art project is a fun penguin, that requires folding, tracing, and using scissors.

Free Printable Penguin Craft Template for your students. Kids will love this easy penguin craft.

I have had this penguin in my ‘stash’ of art projects for years, so I created a printable template for you to download for FREE to use in your classroom or with your own kids!

Penguin Writing

Do you have a listening station or listen to reading station? I do and end up buying most of my books and cd’s from Scholastic. This week in the listening station is Little Penguin Lost.

Little Penguin Lost Audio Book CD

Our poem is called A Bird Called Penguin and will be in the pocket chart.

This week I will be introducing Informational Writing and will be using this Penguin Writing Report for Little Writers packet below to complete our writing project!

Penguin CVC Spelling Boom Cards

Help your students practice spelling common CVC Words with our fun Penguin CVC Spelling Boom Card deck! Add this to your technology station or use this as an early finisher activity. Wherever in the day you choose to use it, this boom deck is a simple, prep free way to help your students strengthen their spelling skills.

Other Penguin Ideas

Take a peek at some of the skills and ideas that would be perfect for Penguin Week!


Have any questions or ideas for me? I would LOVE to hear them!! You can find me on Instagram, FB, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube where I am always active!!

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  1. I tried to download the penguin template-SO cute! But when I clicked on it it said the page was not found. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you-
    Mimi Flippo

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