Most, if not all, kindergarten teachers have classroom caddies. Whether you bought them or inherited them, are you looking for creative ways to utilize them? Check out my suggestions on Using Classroom Caddies in Kindergarten. (Don’t miss the **FREEBIE** label download at the end.)

Classroom Caddies

These versatile plastic multi-purpose caddies are incredibly handy in a kindergarten classroom. I got mine from Lakeshore Learning, but you can also find them (or similar ones) in other stores and on Amazon. Whether you have one or several, here are five enjoyable and purposeful ways to utilize them.

Community Supplies Caddy

In my experience, having community supplies at every table helps reduce management problems. Use 2 caddies per table, each with 4 square compartments and 2 rectangle compartments. Assign a different colored caddy for each table and match it with color-coordinated scissors. This system simplifies organizing and maintaining the supplies in their designated place.

Inside my community supply caddies:

(2) Boxes of Crayons in each rectangle compartment

(2) pencils for each student

Pink Eraser (1)

Glue Stick one for each student

One Pair of Scissors for each student

Black Dry Erase Marker & felt eraser for each student

Center/Station Supply Caddy

I strongly advocate for literacy stations and math tubs as they offer various chances for ongoing skill reinforcement while enabling students to move around the classroom. Setting this up may call for additional supplies and storage. I use my caddies for various stations and stocked them with the necessary materials.

Classroom Library Caddy:


Reading Buddies

Mini Pointers


Book Response Sheets

Retelling Bracelets

Small Group Caddy

I love having all my small group supplies organized in a portable caddy for easy mobility. It is convenient for working with students in various environments or when collaborating with other teachers or aides. Here are some essential items I found useful for my small group caddy:


High-Frequency Word or Sight Word cards (Sight Word Kit)

Reading Highlighters



Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Caddy

Our school district now requires students to have breakfast and lunch in the classroom. Whether your students eat in the classroom or cafeteria, having a caddy stocked with supplies can help make breakfast, lunch or snacktime run more smoothly.

Consider these items for a breakfast/lunch/snack caddy:

Additional disposable eating utensils


Hand sanitizer


Extra packaged snacks (if permitted)

First Aid Kit

Every classroom should have a first aid kit, yet often they are not provided. While some may contain Band-Aids and alcohol pads, many teachers find themselves having to assemble their own kits. Let me share some tips and necessary items for your first-aid caddy. (Remember to consult your administrator or school nurse for guidelines on kit contents.)


Hand Sanitizer

Baby Wipes


‘Magic Boo-Boo’ Spray ( Kids often dramatize minor injuries, and this spray, filled with water and labeled whimsically, somehow works wonders. It truly is magical.)


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