As a veteran kindergarten teacher, I’m often asked about my top tip for educating little learners. Is it all about supplies, organization, education, or resources? Well, my top tip is simple – Explicitly Teach Little Learners! Curious about how to accomplish this? Keep reading to uncover the answer.

First of all–NEVER ASSUME THAT YOUR KINDERGARTENERS ALREADY KNOW! It’s crucial to explicitly teach your little learners by breaking down every skill or concept into its smallest, most basic components. Begin by teaching, practicing, and gradually building upon this foundation.

Start at Beginning

Start with simple, clear instructions and use plenty of visual aids to support their understanding. (#1 Tip For Teachers Of Little Learners) Incorporate songs, games, and hands-on activities to make learning engaging and fun.


This is a pencil. A pencil is for writing. How to use a pencil. We do NOT use a pencil for…. The consequences for using a pencil incorrectly are…. (How To Use School Supplies)


Remember, repetition is key at this stage. Reinforce concepts through daily routines and consistent practice. Celebrate your little learners successes, no matter how small, to build their confidence and encourage a love for learning.

Nurturing Environment

Create a warm, nurturing environment where your students feel safe to ask questions and make mistakes. Encourage curiosity and exploration, as these are vital for cognitive development. By fostering a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere, you’re setting the stage for lifelong learning and growth.

Grownups Involvement

Involve parents and caregivers in the educational process. Share tips and resources with them so they can continue the learning journey at home. Consistent communication between school and home will ensure a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience for your kindergarteners. (Back to School Editable Kit)

Ultimately, remember that every little learner is unique and will progress at their own pace. Be patient, adaptable, and always ready to celebrate the individual milestones each student achieves.

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