Have you been looking for a sight word resource that has many different activities for your little learners? This Sight Word MEGA BUNDLE is the perfect set of activities for your students to practice reading, writing, and sight words. You will love having these amazing activities available for your little learners!!


Here are some hands-on engaging ways to intentionally practice sight words.➡️It’s important to have little learners be able to map/decode and read the word in isolation, but it shouldn’t stop there. Little learners should be using those skills to read sight words in context and read/write decodable sentences! 💖All of these resources (except hidden sight word) contain decodable sentences! 💬Have you checked out these activities yet? And check out the MEGA BUNDLE! 🤩 #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #littlelearners #teachers #teachersoftiktok #sightwords #handsonlearning #sor #scienceofreading

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Not only are these activities fun, engaging and purposeful, they align with the kindergarten academic standards and SOR.

In this Sight Word MEGA BUNDLE you will find 4 different meaningful hands-on activities. They come with a variety of common sight words, however, they are totally editable so you can add the words of your choice.

#1 Editable Sight Word SOR Strategies

This activity includes Anchor Chart headings and a Decodable Sentence for each word to help little learners practice saying, tracing, mapping, graphing, writing, and building each word. (50) sight words are already included, but this product is EDITABLE, so you can add your own words. This is a great way to explicitly teach each word in isolation, as well as in simple context.


Here are my tips for getting explicitly teaching sight/high frequency words to Little Learners! 1️⃣Create a visual display (anchor chart or focus wall) to model/show each word. 2️⃣Introduce and then explicitly teach word: say it; map it; graph it; write it; build it. 3️⃣Don’t just teach words in isolation. Have students use them in oral sentences; read and write them in context. 💬What are your tips for teaching sight/high frequency words or what would you add? Also…this resource includes (50) kindergarten words, along with decodable sentences!🤩 #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #littlelearners #teachertips #scienceofreading #sor #sightwords

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#2 Sight Word Punch Cards

These cards are perfect for morning tubs, literacy stations, small group or even as an early finisher activities. I like to include a highlighter and single hole-punch. Students can highlight each sight word; trace the sight word in the sentence; read the sight word sentence and then punch out each sight word.


Replying to @michelled323 Punch Cards are developmentally appropriate, skill based and provides fine-motor muscle practice! #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2022 #kindergarten #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity

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#3 Editable Hidden Sight Word Weekly Activities Year Long Bundle

Do your little learners need a fun way to practice identifying, reading and writing sight/high frequency words? Students search for the 10 hidden sight words and write them down. Add mini magnifying glasses for additional fun and your students will ask for this activity over and over!! {This activity is COMPLETELY editable. Add your own sight words for each activity. This gives you the opportunity to use the words your students are using, or to differentiate between students.}


This activity is editable, so type in letters and have your little learners use their mini magnifying glasses to find & write those letters! #kindergarten #iteachk #literacy #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

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#4 Sight Word Playdoh Mats

These awesome Sight Word Playdough Mats are perfect for your primary students! There are 50 sight words included, as well as 8 editable mats to add your own words and sentences. Each mat includes a place to make sight words with playdoh; a sight word sentence to read, as well as circle the sight word; and a writing block to practice writing the sight word or creating a new sight word sentence. These mats are perfect to use when learning and mastering sight words and can easily be differentiated by requiring the written sight word or a new sight word sentence. Research shows that students learn best when ‘doing’ , or when they are using multiple modalities to practice a skill.


Hands-On learning is the best way for little learners to practice what they have been learning! These high-frequency Playdough mats include a decodable sentence and offer a place for students to write their own. I also included an editable mat to add your own words and sentences. 🤩 Would you use these in your classroom? #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #handsonlearning

♬ original sound – Kindergarten Chaos ✏️Abbie

Check out “How To Make Quick & Easy Microwave Kool-Aid PlayDoh” and “Purposeful Playdough For Little Learners” for more information and ideas.

All of these activities can be purchased separately, but the bundle will give you an added savings.

You will love having this resource to intentionally teach with purpose and fun!!!

You can also find this MEGA BUNDLE on TPT.

Go to blog “Sight Word Activities For Kindergarteners” for more ideas and information.

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