Sight words, high frequency words or heart words are just a few of the terms we use for the words our kindergarteners need to know in order to read. Do you need some Sight Word Activities For Kindergarteners to help teach and practice this skill in your classroom?

Kindergarten teachers the world over are always on the lookout for fun and purposeful Sight Word Activities For Kindergarteners. Here are some meaningful and effective activities to help purposefully practice this important skill in order to begin reading.

Sight Word Playdough Mats

Not only is this a fun and purposeful way to practice sight words, but it is a hands-on activity that is great for fine motor practice. 50 sight word mats and 8 completely editable mats are included. Each mat includes a sight word, decodable sight word sentence and writing lines for student to write their own sentence. Sight Word Playdough Mats are a must for your kindergarten classroom.


Looking for a new hands-on way to intentionally practice high frequency sight words? 🙋🏻‍♀️These mats are awesome and are editable, so you can add your own words! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #littlelearners #homeschool #teachertok

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Haven’t used playdough in your classroom yet? Check out blog “Purposeful Playdough For Little Learners” for ideas and recipes

Sight Word Punch Cards

These Sight word Punch Cards are perfect for your morning tubs, small group, literacy stations, individual practice, or as a fast finisher activity. Students use a highlighter for each sight word, then trace the sight word in the sentence on the card. After reading the sight word sentence they use hole punchers to punch out the sight word. Not only is this perfect sight word practice, but also hones fine motor skills.

Such a purposeful and meaningful activity for your kindergarteners!!!

Hidden Sight Word–Year Long Bundle

Do you want a fun and engaging way to practice sight words? Here is a student favorite!! Just download and print these amazing hidden sight word activity sheets. Since these are completely editable, you can choose which words you would like your little learners to practice. Add mini magnifying glasses for added fun!! Includes 40 editable weekly themed sheets that can be used for individual, small group, or literacy station activity practice.


This is a MUST HAVE for the new school year! Perfect for a literacy station and YOU can add your own letters or words! #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #learningisfun #backtoschool2022

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Color By Code-Year Long Activity

Having a multi-purpose, completely editable activity is a resource that every little learner teacher needs!! In addition to being engaging and meaningful, Color By Code is editable for use with any skill you are teaching. The color code box as well as the skills are completely editable!! Need a Thanksgiving sight word activity? How about Spring subtraction? This activity is the answer with 39 different themes for the year. Both you and your students will find this activity fun, engaging and effective.


Have you tried Color by Code yet? 🤩I created this year-long pack to be editable, so you can add whatever skills you want!🎉For instance, maybe you want to just focus on numbers 1-5 or just the letters f,t and b. You can do that. This makes this activity intentional and purposeful, but of course it is also fun!❓What skills would you add the first few weeks of school? And interested in this…💬 ⏬ Welcome 2022/2023 school year! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk backtoschool2022 #teachersontiktok #learningisfun

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Go to Blog “Color By Code” for more information on this amazing activity.

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Sight Word Kit

Now that you have the sight word activities for your kindergarteners, how do you keep these words organized?

Organizing your sight words has never been easier that with this kit! Not only does this have printable sight word lists, individual sight word cards, but it is completely editable for you to add whatever words your students need. Perfect way to organize your sight words for your little learners.


Is organization one of your New Years Goals?! 👋🏼Then you NEED this Sight Word Kit…and its 25% off for the next 24 hours. Let me know if you want the sale link! #kindergartenchaos #iteachprek #iteachk #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #littlelearners #kindergarten #organization

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Reading Words Kit

Don’t like or use the term “Sight Words”? Reading Words Kit is for you! “Name” your high frequency words however you choose, type in the words you want, then print. Voila!! Easy, organized solution to your sight words.

Included in Reading Words Kit

• Master Word List (this list is what will auto-populate to all of the pieces in this kit)

• Reading Word Explanation Letter for Families (template & editable)

• Individual Take-Home Word Lists w/ cut apart word cards

• Word Cards for Classroom Use

• Personalization Template for Word Classroom Card Cover

• Paper Assessments, although ESGI is the best for assessing!

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