Are you wondering what the most important tips are for the beginning of the kindergarten year? Here are My Top 3 Kindergarten Tips For Teachers to get you started.

As kindergarten teachers, we are constantly searching for ways to make the new school year a success for our little learners. We collaborate, research, and analyze to find the best ideas from our fellow educators. Here are 3 tips that I recommend to kickstart your kindergarten school year.

#1 Class Rules

Creating class rules is an important step in setting expectations and establishing a positive classroom environment. By keeping the rules simple and easy to remember, you are helping your little learners internalize them and making it easier for them to follow them consistently.

My classroom rules are straightforward and cover everything you’ll encounter in kindergarten. Here they are:

Remember to write them down on an anchor chart or board as a reference point for discussions and reminders. This sets a positive tone and clear expectations for the upcoming kindergarten school year.

#2 Explicitly Teach School Supplies

At the start of the school year, it’s crucial to teach rules and procedures to your little learners. One of the most important procedures is teaching them how to properly use school supplies. To begin the year on the right foot, make sure to instruct your students on how to use each school supply, as well as your rules, procedures, and expectations for each item before they dive in. How To Use School Supplies is the perfect resource for explicitly teaching school supplies to your little learners.

#3 Practice School Supplies

Providing ample time for your kindergarteners to practice using school supplies is an essential component of effective teaching. When given the opportunity to practice, they become more familiar with the materials and are more likely to use them correctly. This can lead to increased confidence and better academic performance.

Some ways to provide ample time for practicing with school supplies include:

By following the 3rd rule of providing ample time to practice using school supplies, you can help your little learners develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the classroom.

As a kindergarten teacher, I’ve found these three tips to be incredibly useful. I hope that they provide you with some fresh ideas and insights as you embark on a new school year filled with positivity and effectiveness.

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