We have finally arrived to the end of our growth mindset book study, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Chapter 8!


Since this is our final chapter in our book study, I would like to thank Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard for co-hosting this 8 week long fabulous book study with me! And a big thank you to this week’s guest host is Erica from Miss V’s Kinder Kraziness. Make sure to head over to her blog to read her thoughts and review of chapter 8!

So a quick disclaimer…I missed the last 2 weeks of book study (chapter 6 & 7) due to being out of town and then the National Kindergarten Conference. I plan to get my thoughts and review of those chapters up soon, along with my growth mindset finale! 🙂

Chapter 8 is titled Changing Mindsets and is about kids and adults who were able to use their abilities and achieve a growth mindset, plus, Carol Dweck gives us several real-life scenarios to contemplate and determine for ourselves.

After 8 weeks of reading about fixed and growth mindsets in a variety of life’s situations, I have been a little overwhelmed. Can I achieve a growth mindset? Do I have a growth mindset? What about those times when I realize I am in a state of fixed mindset? I was glad to read and have the confirmation that the growth mindset is running right alongside the fixed mindset and which ever one I choose to grow, will become the stronger one. So I choose a growth mindset!

I CHOOSE a Growth Mindset Poster

One major take away from this book, is that fixed-minded individuals tend to be the negative-Nellies of the world and the ones that have a hard time accepting criticism or challenge. Quit focusing on the negative and making excuses and instead, think about how YOU can change what was brought to your attention. What can you learn from the ‘bad experience’, or ‘not-so-good evaluation’? Where can you put forth more effort and grow some success in that ‘weak’ area. Weakness is not bad, but choosing to stay weak is fix-minded.

I enjoyed reading all of the examples and scenarios that Carol Dweck, provided in this chapter. It allowed me to put on my wife, mother, teacher, and individual hats for a few moments and really think about each scenario and how I would handle them. I really liked how she answered each scenario with both a fixed-minded and growth-minded answer!

As a teacher, I loved the scenario she gave about the student who was trying to live up to her parents expectations, even though it was causing her ulcers. I think we all have had a student or parents like that and the response that she gave is one I will keep in my ‘teacher toolbox’ to pull out when needed! Education and learning shouldn’t be entirely focused on getting the highest grade or out-doing everyone else, but about learning, growing,  and thinking about problems in interesting ways!

This was a great way to wrap up the book, but I caution you; if you have not read the other chapters, you might not fully grasp this last chapter. I have more to say about how WE as educators can teach students to grown their brains and take on a growth mindset, but it’s going to come later in a dynamite post! 🙂

 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has come to read these weekly blog posts and for those of you who have met me on Periscope (@lovinourchaos) for my live recap, as well. I would also like to thank the guest hosts who have contributed to this entire book study and guested each week. Don’t forget to follow them on their individual blogs and social media for more great education ideas! Keep on growing those brains and thinking with a growth mindset! 🙂

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Chad from Male Kindergarten Teacher Blog
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Erica from Miss Vee’s Kinder Kraziness

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