With the Back to School buzz around the corner, us kindergarten teachers are in full swing gathering goodies, jazzing up our classrooms, and brewing up fun activities for the first week of school. Dive into these Easy Activities For 1st Week Of School that will have you and your little learners buzzing with joy!

Crafting the perfect kindergarten kickoff is a teacher’s secret recipe for success! Setting the stage with rules, name activities, using school supplies, and storytime are all part of the thrilling first week. And hey, who doesn’t love diving into fun number activities as well? Here are some easy top picks straight from my teacher’s treasure chest!

Divided Tray Number Activities

These number activities are a breeze to get, set up, and blend into your classroom routine. Kick off the fun in kindergarten week one and keep the good times rolling all year long. Let students dive into them solo, buddy up, or incorporate into your math stations.



Did you know that using tweezers is an excellent way for little learners to improve their fine motor skills, a crucial aspect for kindergarten. ( Writing And Fine Motor Skills In Kindergarten and Fine Motor Skill Activities In Kindergarten has more information)

Teacher Hack

To banish those pesky sharpie marks from your tray, grab a dry erase marker and color over them on the same spot. Then, wipe it clean. Abracadabra! Watch those marks vanish, making room for effortless adjustments to your plans and goals.

Color Sorting

Let your little learners dive into a pom-pom sorting adventure with a colorful twist! Have them use the large tweezers to grab and sort pom poms by color into the sections fo the divided trays. No need for any scribbles on these nifty trays!

These are some fun and interactive ways to tackle academic skills that are easy and practically free!!

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