As a kindergarten teacher, ensuring that all academic standards are effectively taught and practiced has always been challenging. Finding resources with fun and engaging activities that aligned specifically with these standards have been difficult. Therefore, I created these BRAND NEW resources to assist with Teaching Kindergarten Math Standards.

Welcome to “Educating Little Learners” for standard-specific materials.

As all schools are required to cover the academic standards for each grade, have you felt overwhelmed by the task of addressing each standard? You are not alone. Here is the solution to your dilemma.

Welcome to “Educating Little Learners”

The creation of “Educating Little Learners” aims to introduce, teach, and reinforce every academic standard through a variety of activities to ensure that your kindergartners grasp each concept thoroughly.

Math Standards: Counting and Cardinality

Each activity pack contains a detailed explanation and description of the standard, along with resources specific to the standard/skill for practice and assessment. The sets offer a range of activities to help students practice each standard comprehensively, ensuring that your kindergartners have a solid understanding. Formative or summative assessments can be completed with the included assessments.

This Bundle includes all 7 K.CC standard activity packs.

These activities are designed for independent practice, small groups, math stations, or formative assessments.


Each Educating Little Learner resource has been designed to directly connect to each specific Kindergarten standard, so you can be assured your little learners have been taught and exposed to each and every standard. Includes practice opportunities, assessment and I Can printable statement. Use for independent, small group or station/center activities. Resources are currently being uploaded, but grab your K.CC and K.G standards now! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #littlelearners #homeschool

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Stay tuned for more standard specific resources including geometry, reading, science, numbers, speaking and listening, writing and more!!

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