Who doesn’t love the fall season? School begins, leaves start to fall, and apples are ready for harvesting. No matter where you live, apples are a fall season staple. I love using an apple theme to teach academics in my kindergarten classroom and these apple activities are some of my favorite learning activities for this season.

Since school begins during the fall season in my district, I use apples to teach academics to my students this time of year. Here are some ideas and activities I use that my kiddos love. These activities are included in the “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle“. 

Anchor Chart

Using interactive anchor charts is a staple in the kindergarten classroom. I usually start with a KWL chart on apples. We first discuss what they know about apples and fill out the anchor chart. This allows for the students to engage with one another and share what they know. Keeping the anchor chart up during the week allows for review and reflection on what they know and what they are learning. On this chart, I used the color green for what the students knew and used orange for what they learned.

Go to blog post “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and “Classroom Management Anchor Charts” for more ideas and information.


Next I read books about apples. I make sure to include fiction with the non-fiction. Books with accurate vocabulary and pictures are a must. However, try not to pick books that are too wordy. Here are few of my choices. Click on picture to be directed to amazon for purchase of these books.

Check out post “The Library Station in the Kindergarten Classroom“. “Best Places to Buy Books For Your Classroom For Cheap” or “Picture Books In the Kindergarten Classroom” for more ideas.

Fine Motor

Fine motor skills need honing in kindergarten so here is the perfect apple activity for this skill. Use in your creation station or art/craft station. This torn paper apple craft hits several separate skills, including fine motor practice, identifying colors and color names and following multi-step directions. This activity is included in the “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle“.

Blog post “Fine Motor Skill Activities In Kindergarten” has more information and ideas.


After we have explored the information about apples, I teach about the different parts of an apple. You can view Scholastic or YouTube for videos on this subject. First we build an apple on an anchor chart. Next we label the parts of an apple as a whole group. Now it is time for the gradual release “you-do” part. The students return to their desks an complete their own label an apple activity. “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle” includes this printable.



Sight words are a major part of literacy in kindergarten. Hidden sight words “Johnny Appleseed” style are included in the “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle“.

Don’t forget to use mini magnifiers for this fun activity!!!


Since the kindergarteners are still learning basic math skills, sorting is a fun and meaningful activity for math stations, whole group, small group or individual practice. Use the anchor chart for whole group then instruct the students on coloring, cutting, sorting, then glueing the apples by size or colors. Make sure your students know there are 3 colors of apples and use those colors. I thoroughly believe in multi purpose activities and this is one such activity.

Want another apple math game to reinforce identifying number 1-10 along with matching numbers in a variety of ways? Apple themed numeral match includes ten frame, dice, and tally marks in this activity. These are all included in the “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle“.

Do you need or want digital math activities for your little learners? Add these to your computer station.

Pocket Chart

The apple letter matching card found in the Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle is a fun and engaging activity for your pocket chart station. The kindergarteners practice their letter id and matching skills. You can also use the “Beat the Clock” game for this activity.

Go to blog post “Beat The Clock Game For Kindergarten” for instructions and ideas. See post “The Pocket Chart Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” for more on pocket charts in kindergarten.


Students love poems and songs. Here is a poem to write on an anchor chart and hang up for all to see. I also write this on sentence strips and use in my pocket chart for more practice. We can then read it together as a whole group. Fee; free to use this poem in your kindergarten classroom. This poem included in Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle.

Taste Testing

Taste-testing apples and making applesauce in the classroom is a fun and exciting way to end our unit on apples. Have several different kinds of apples cut up for all the students to try. Make sure you have sweet and tart apples available.


Making applesauce in the classroom was one of my favorite activities to do with students!🍏Not only is it easy to do, but use the opportunity for an interactive, developmentally appropriate, writing activity! A recipe card!😍 #kindergartenchaos #teachersontiktok #teachertips #kindergarten #apples #cookingintheclassroom

♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Applesauce can be make in a crock-pot in your classroom without a lot of mess. The kiddos love smelling the apples cooking. This is such a fun and meaningful way to end learning about apples in kindergarten!! Check out post “Applesauce in the Classroom” for more information and a ***FREEBIE**!!

These activities are all included in the “Apple Literacy and Math Activities Bundle“.

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