What teacher doesn’t love the $1 store?!? I have one right around the corner from my house and I am there on a very frequent basis. But not only does the dollar store have candy and fab holiday decorations, but they have amazing supplies to make hands-on station games and activities! Today I am excited to be collaborating with Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, Bryce from The Teaching Texan, and Chad from Male Kindergarten Teacher, to share some amazing Super Easy Kindergarten Center Ideas Created With Dollar Store Supplies to use in your classroom!

3 Simple Kindergarten Centers Created With Dollar Store Supplies

Super Easy Kindergarten Center Ideas Created With Dollar Store Supplies #1: Building Teen Numbers

I find teen numbers to be challenging for kindergartners to understand and I am always looking for different ways to show what the number is made up of…meaning, a 1 ten and ___ ones. So, I came up with this easy and fun way to ‘build’ a teen number.

I used clear plastic cups, straws, scissors, and a sharpie. Easy and cheap!

I wrote numbers 11-20 on clear cups.

I cut straw into 9 different pieces. I had tons of straws, so I left some whole, to represent the 10’s and the cut pieces represent the ones.

Easy, peasy…and your students will love building teen numbers and being able to ‘see’ the number!

Kindergarten Center #2: Numerical Order For 1-100

Next activity used a $1 100 piece puzzle and a sharpie marker.

One morning before school, my kids helped me to put the puzzle together. We completed it on a large piece of cardstock, so I could easily turn it over after we finished putting it together.

Using another piece of strong card stock, I turned the completed puzzle over and then used a sharpie to write numeral 1-100 on the puzzle pieces, in numerical order.

I then took the pieces and placed into a clear pencil pouch and put into one of my math tubs, and let me tell you that my kids have been loving this challenging puzzle!

Kindergarten Center #3: Easy Word Family Spoons

My last station idea comes from our latest skills that we are working on in our classroom…word families. We have been using sentence strips and letter cards to make words that belong in the same family, but this activity is so much more fun and hands on! Plus, it has a freebie response sheet! You’re welcome…

The supply list is simple…clear plastic spoons and a sharpie. And of course, the response sheet is free and HERE if you are interested!

I used the sharpie to write word families on the right side of the spoon and then write consonant letters on the left side of spoons.

The students put a consonant letter spoon on top of a word family spoon, to create a word. They can then write their word on the spoon on the response sheet. *Tip: I laminated my response sheet, so it could be used multiple times, over and over again.

I hope you have enjoyed these Super Easy Kindergarten Center Ideas Created With Dollar Store Supplies. If you love them, feel free to pin on Pinterest and share on FB or Instagram. And don’t forget to head over and visit my friends to check out their amazing station ideas from the dollar store!

The Kindergarten Smorgasboard
Bryce from The Teaching Texan
Chad from Male Kindergarten Teacher

12+ Super Simple Center Ideas For Your Kindergarten Class All With Dollar Store Supplies!

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