If you’re searching for engaging and purposeful ideas for your Small Group SOR Activities For Little Learners, look no further! These activities can help struggling students or those who need extra practice with literacy skills. They are fun, engaging, and meet SOR’s 4 contextual points. Check out the following ideas and get started today!!

Small group instruction is a valuable tool that can help little learners achieve success in developing their literacy skills. Here are some additional insights on the benefits of small group instruction:

By incorporating Science of Reading approach with small group instruction, teachers can provide little learners with the personalized support they need to achieve literacy success.

Activities For SOR Small Groups

While any literacy activity can be adapted for small group learning, some are especially suited for SOR. Once you have chosen which learners to work with and the skill to focus on, it’s important to select activities that are both engaging and meaningful to ensure academic success for your little learners.

These are some of my favorite SOR small group activities and why:

I hope that this has provided you with valuable information and resources to kickstart and enhance your SOR small group instruction. I love helping teachers intentionally teach little learners with purpose and fun!!!!

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