It’s one of my favorite times of the year…Back to School season! I love the smell of new crayons and seeing all of the school supplies filling up the end caps and aisles of the stores. It’s a time to get the classroom ready for a new group of students and another year of learning. And can I just share that the Classroom Supply Caddies from Lakeshore Learning have been one of the best purchases that I have ever made for my classroom. I have used these caddies all throughout my classroom and think that they are of the highest quality. I have never had them crack, break, or fall apart. Ever. I love them so much that I started using them for everything. So let me share 5 Ways to Use Lakeshore Classroom Supply Caddies in your classroom!

First Aid Caddy Kit

Every classroom needs a first aid kit, but many times they are not supplied. You may get a box of Band-Aids and maybe some alcohol pads, but I’m surprised at the amount of teachers that do not get anything and have to create their own. So let me share a few tips and tricks and items you need for your first-aid caddy. (Please make sure to ask your admin and/or school nurse the rules and regulations of what you can put in your kit.)

I love the compartments of the caddy, as well as the carry handle. This makes it easy to carry if needed. Oh and what is ‘Magic Boo-Boo’ spray?! I’m glad you asked. Kids are so funny and especially little ones. Every little dot, scratch, or headache is worthy of an oscar-winning performance and requires some form of first-aid. This is where the ‘Magic Boo-Boo’ spray comes in to play. Fill it with water and add this cute label to it. Somehow this spray makes everyone feel better…I promise, it’s magic. 😉 (Don’t forget to download your FREE supply caddie labels at the end of this post)

Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Caddy

We know that the 2020/2021 school year was unlike any other year. When our school district finally allowed the students to go back into the classroom it was mandated that students eat breakfast and lunch in the classroom. Maybe you experienced this as well or have the same plan for this school year. So let’s make that breakfast, snack and/or lunch time a little bit smoother. Here is a few ideas for a breakfast/lunch/snack caddy.

Small Group Caddy

I loved having all of my small group supplies in a caddy that was portable and able to be easily moved. This made it convenient for those times when I needed to work with a student in their environment or if another teacher or teachers’ aid needed to work with a student(s). These are some items that I have found to be useful in my small group caddy.

Center/Station Supply Caddy

I’m a huge believer in literacy stations and math tubs. Not only does this provide multiple opportunities for continued skill practice, but it gives students a chance to move around the classroom. This requires more supplies and convenient storage. Yet again, I used my Lakeshore Supply Caddies for my different stations and filled them with the appropriate supplies. Here are some ideas for a supply caddy at your classroom library.

Community Supplies Caddy

When I first purchased the Lakeshore Supply Caddies, it was to have community supplies for each table of students. I like to have a different color for each table, along with color-coordinated scissors. This makes it easy to keep track of where each supply belongs. Having community supplies also cuts down on management issues, at least for me and my class. I usually have 2 separate caddies for each table. This provides a total of 4 square compartments and 2 rectangle compartments. Here is what are inside my community supply caddies:

Have you tried any of these ideas? If you haven’t, you should…and no need to wait, since I have a coupon code for you!! Lakeshore has so many amazing products for the classroom, including the Classroom Supply Caddies that I shared about today. Every Lakeshore product is designed by teachers, for teachers and parents. And as I stated before, their products are extremely durable and undergo rigorous safety testing, so they are built to last! They are also so easy to keep clean. (Did you see my video on cleaning these caddies?!)

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