Teaching all math standards to kindergarteners can feel overwhelming, particularly when unsure if all standards are being effectively covered. Recognizing the necessity for purposeful activities that correspond with each math standard, I have developed activities to complement the teaching of these standards. Below are ideas and some of my top picks for Teaching Little Learners Math Standard Base 10 and Place Value.


Counting Practice

Number Identification Games

Interactive Worksheets

Place Value Activity

Supplies Needed

Clear Cups (Dollar Store)

Straws (Dollar Store)

Write the numbers on the cups. Cut some of the straws into pieces. Place a whole straw into the cup (this represents 10). Then put cut straw pieces into the cup to represent the ones. Now your little learners can use this fun and interactive activity to compose ones and tens.

With the help of these ideas and activities, your kindergarteners are sure to succeed in learning and practicing the base 10 and place value math standards. Remember to always intentionally teach with purpose and fun!!

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