New kindergarten students need engaging yet effective counting activities. Here are some engaging counting activities you will want for your little learners. These will help students master the required counting skills for kindergarteners.

These engaging counting activities will help you teach your students the required skills for kindergarten.

Engaging Counting Activities

Counting is the basis for learning math concepts. If you can get your little ones to master this early on, you can continue to the next math standard. Keeping your kindergarteners engaged and counting in a fun yet meaningful way can be a challenge at times. I am always on the lookout for more intentional and engaging counting activities. Having a variety of counting activities available is the key to keeping your students engaged and learning new concepts.

Counting Jars

This is a fun activity that is inexpensive and easy to prep for teachers. Go to post “Counting Jars Activity + FREEBIE” for complete information and **FREEBIE**. Many different types of manipulatives can be used for this activity. Since this activity is customizable to you and your students, the sky’s the limit for options. Candy, erasers, buttons, counting bears, beads, pom poms are all manipulatives you can use as well as many more of your choice. Be creative and seasonal. Your kindergarteners will enjoy this activity while learning and reinforcing their counting skills.


Counting Jars are the perfect activity for practicing counting & writing numerals! You can differentiate by only using 1-10 amounts or 1-20 amounts. Use those mini erasers or any craft supply you may have as a gun counter. Check my pr0file for freebie! And please share and leave a comment! #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #teachersoftiktok #teacher #teachertok #math #homeschool #iteach #kindergarten #littlelearners #teach #education

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Count and Match Mats

Count and match counting mats are perfect for your whole group, small group, individual or math station activity. Your students will love the monthly and seasonal themes along with the fun printable manipulatives that coordinate with the mat. These can be used to teach as well as reinforce counting concepts.

Test Tube Math

Obviously, I love hands-on activities. This is an activity your little learners will ask for over and over. Not only is this a counting activity, but sorting and patterns as well. Go to “Test Tube Math” for more information and to download a **FREEBIE**. Pom poms start in an open container. Your students use tweezers to pick up pom poms and fill the test tubes. They then count the pom poms and fill out the recording sheet that can be downloaded. Click on below picture to download **FREEBIE** activity.

This is an engaging, effective, and multi purpose activity for your kindergarten classroom.

Counting Ten Frames

Ten frames are another fun hands on activity for your little learners. Manipulatives of every kind can be used with these printables. Your students will love to practice counting with ten frames. Here are a few different themed ten frames I love for my kindergarteners. Check out post “Winter Counting 10 & 20 Frames For Kindergarteners” for more ideas in information.

Do you want **FREEBIE** Ten Frame activities? Go to post “Monster Ten Frames” and “180 Days of School Ten Frames” for free activities.

Differentiated Counting Game

Do you want a game that includes tally marks, numerals, ten frames, and fingers? Here is a game that also happens to be seasonal for fall. Your students will love this hands on activity game all while differentiating.

Making Ten

Another seasonal Gingerbread “making ten” activity for your practicing counters. Great partner activity for hands on practice. Includes recording sheet.

Digital Counting Activities

Since technology is in most kindergarten classroom now, here is a year long digital counting mat Boom Card program that you and your students will love. Not only is it colorful, engaging and has seasonal themes, your little learners will enjoy counting and learning with this activity. Use this at your computer station, if you have one. Go to blog post “Computer Station in the Kindergarten Classroom” to learn more about this topic.

Here are a couple of seasonal themed digital counting ten frames that your kiddos will love.

Do you need more math and number ideas? Check out these blog posts “Math Ideas For The Kindergarten Classroom” and “Engaging Number ID Activities For Kindergarten“.

I hope this gives you some engaging counting activities you can use in your kindergarten classroom. Feel free to comment and follow me on FB, Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Instagram.

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