All About Numbers 0-30 for Little Learners – Anchor Charts Books Worksheets


Help your students learn numbers 0-30 with this simple anchor chart & number book that is perfect for Kindergarteners.


Over the last few years I have been explicitly teaching numbers 0-30 by creating number anchor charts with my students. After sharing my pictures and success with these charts on my blog and social media, I had lots of requests to make this resource available so teachers could use in their classrooms!

(While the kindergarten standard is explicit number instruction for numbers 0-20, I often receive requests from teachers to add numbers up to 30. I have made this extension available and optional!)

What’s Included:

All coordinating pieces to create a number anchor chart for numbers 0-30.
(All About…heading [different fonts to choose from]; numerals 0-30; headings for name, tally marks, objects, what it can look like, dice, domino, and tens/ones-rods/units; 10, 20 &30 frames; 2 sizes of dice; 2 sizes of dominoes; tens/ones, rods/units)

Printable book for students to follow along and complete during a whole or small group lesson.
(Includes: front cover & blank back cover; page for numbers 0-10, 0-20, 0-30 that match the anchor chart) The purpose of the book is to follow along during the ‘building’ of the number anchor chart during the whole or small group lesson.

Practice Pages to accompany each number 0 – 30.


Click here for Preview.



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