Have you started Teaching Addition To Your Little Learners? Do you need ideas and strategies to help with this academic skill? Keep on reading!!!

Here are my 4 important ways to teach and practice addition strategies to your little learners. Students must be explicitly taught and be given many activities to practice in order to learn and reinforce addition math skills.


Have you started teaching addition yet?➕I have (3) specific tips for Teaching Addition.🤩 1️⃣Explicitly teach each strategy with specific anchor chart 2️⃣Independent practice of each strategy 3️⃣ Purposeful practice through games & activities 👉🏻I have all the addition strategies anchor chart pieces, independent practice sheets and games available, if you want to check them out! #kindergartenchaos #teachersoftiktok #kindergartentips #kindergartenmath #teachertips #handsonlearning

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Anchor Charts

My number 1 step to teaching addition to little learners is start with an anchor chart. This is the most effective way to begin teaching any academic skill. Build the interactive chart with your students, explicitly teaching and explaining each addition strategy. Having your students help build this chart enables you to see how much they know and if they are understanding the skills being taught.

Since there are 9 different strategies for addition, you must show, explain, and demonstrate each one. Anchor chart ideas and clip art for these 9 strategies can be found in the “Addition Strategies” activity for little learners.

Hands-On Booklet

Next, have your students follow along with their own booklet. This Addition Strategies hands-on booklet not only allows them to follow along with the anchor chart, but have the strategies in their hands for review and practice.

Independent Practice

Now your little learners need to have activities to practice these addition strategy skills. The worksheets included in Addition Strategies are perfect for independent practice and include differentiation.

Addition Strategies For Little Learners

All of the above ideas are available in this easy to use download.

Follow-up Practice

Lastly, always give your little learners ample opportunity to practice with activities and games. Not only is this fun for your students, but reinforces the academic math skills and strategies.


Here is the perfect **FREEBIE** for your little learners to practice their new addition math skills.

More Addition Practice Resources

Check out blogs “Strategies For Teaching Addition In Kindergarten” and “Teaching 8 Addition Strategies For Kindergarten” for more information.

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