I have been a kindergarten teacher for many years now. I have not only instructed in classrooms but also provided professional guidance to educators. Despite the variety of supplies, manipulatives, and resources available in a kindergarten setting, here are the 3 Things for Every Kindergarten Classroom.

3 Things for Every Kindergarten Classroom for a successful Pre-K and Kindergarten year!

#1-Alphabet Posters

#2 Number Posters

Number posters are a vital addition to any pre-k and kindergarten classroom. I enjoy displaying these posters when introducing new numbers to little learners. Not only do they serve as a teaching tool, but they also add to the classroom decor and provide a reference point for students. It’s beneficial to have number posters that showcase various number representations, especially since we cover different representations throughout the school year. (Number Posters 0-30)

#3 Days of School 10 Frames

I believe that each pre-K and kindergarten classroom should have 10 frames for counting the school days. They offer various activities to teach and reinforce numbers and counting skills.10 frames are a valuable tool in early childhood education. They help develop number sense and basic math skills. (180 Days of School Ten Frames **FREEBIE**

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