Who is ready for another freebie? I created these 180 Days of School Ten Frames for my classroom and received so many requests for them, that I decided to share it in a big way! The idea of this is to count all of the days that are included in the school year, but with ten frames. You can check out what this can look like in your classroom! The picture below is from my classroom and the 180 Days of School Ten Frames arranged in my calendar area.

180 Days Of Ten Frames. These make a fabulous Kindergarten classroom decor or an addition to helping students learn math skills. #tenframes #kindergartenclassroom #handsonlearning


Ten frames are a common tool of early learning math. Ten frames help to organize and visually see the amount. Counting by tens is a standard in Kindergarten, so using ten frames makes it easy to show groups of ten. Little Learners need experience with ten frames and this is a no-prep, no-fuss way. Plus incorporating it into calendar is like a 2 for 1!

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