In most cases, kindergarten teachers amass a wide variety of picture books for their classrooms. You may have purchased many yourself. Or gathered some through donations or from your school. Are these books meaningful and significant for your little learners? There are many picture books that I find excellent for kindergarten. Here is my list of the 15 Must-Have Picture Books For Kindergarten.

It’s essential to have a classroom library filled with picture books that your little learners will enjoy reading over and over. Given the variety of picture books available for our classrooms here are 15 essential books that I recommend for all kindergarten classrooms. Not every book needs a specific purpose. Your kindergartners can gain valuable lessons from whimsical, absurd, and entertaining nonsensical books. They can simply enjoy reading or looking at books for the pure joy they bring.

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15 Classroom Library Books For Your Little learners

Beginning of School Year

Perfect for first day of kindergarten reading. (Click on image to go to Amazon for Purchase)

Teach rules and behavior with this book. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Great for fall themes and activities. (Picture Book Activity Pack | From Seed to Pumpkin)

A must-have for fire drill practice and fire safety month. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Fire Drill | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

Perfect for beginning of school year, counting and numbers. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Ten Apples Up on Top | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

I enjoy reading this at the start of the school year. Throughout the year, many of my kindergartners loved revisiting this story repeatedly. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Chicka Chicka Boom Boom | Retell Sequencing Craft)

This book is perfect for starting the new school year, offering comfort for emotions and feelings. (Picture Book Activity Pack | The Kissing Hand | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

An excellent read for the October holidays. The majority of little learners adored this book and had a blast with the accompanying Picture Book Activities. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Room on the Broom | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

This is the perfect book for Thanksgiving. With its humor, charm, and originality, it’s a story that many have yet to experience.. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Old Lady Swallowed Turkey | Retell Sequencing Craft)

An ideal book for introducing rhyming. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Sheep in a Jeep | Retelling Sequencing Craft)


A fantastic book for winter reading and about losing things. (Picture Book Activity Pack | Lost Little Penguin | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

Having Jan Brett books in the classroom is something I adore, and “The Mitten” is a timeless favorite. (Check out this post for more: Using Jan Brett Books In Kindergarten) (The Mitten | Picture Book Activity | Retelling Sequencing Craft | Winter)

A Tacky the Penguin book is a must-have for any kindergarten classroom. Students adore this whimsical bird, making it a fantastic choice for literacy activities. (Tacky the Penguin | Picture Book Activity | Retelling Sequencing Craft)

Ideal for counting and celebrating the 100th day of school. Your kindergarten students will adore having this in the classroom library. (One Hundred Angry Ants | Picture Book Activity | Retelling Sequencing Craft)


Great book for weather and spring themes. (Picture Book Activity |Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs | Retell Sequence Craft)

Many of the mentioned books have a Picture Book Activity Pack containing sequencing, retelling, and craft activities available in my store. Visit for more information.

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