Do you need help teaching your little learners how to build and write sentences? Look no further! Writing Sentences Activities For Little Learners is perfect for introducing, teaching and practicing writing sentences. A must have for your little learners!!


❓Who has Little Learners that they want to turn into Little Writers?🙋🏻‍♀️ This resource is BRAND NEW and perfect for whole-group, small group, independent practice AND the writing station! 👉🏻I’ve included differentiation options, plus an editable option to add your own words! #kindergartenchaos #kindergartenwriting #kindergartenactivities #kindergarten

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Included in Writing Sentences Activities For Little Learners

Pocket chart cards, independent practice pages along with 2 versions of colored differentiation practice are included in this amazing, must-have activity resource.

Pocket Chart Cards

Utilize pocket chart cards to demonstrate how to construct sentences using nouns and verbs. Then, encourage your students to create their own sentences and read them aloud to their classmates.
(12) Cards are available in both large and small along with detail cards.


Differentiate by using just the noun/verb cards or increase sentence writing complexity by adding in the detail cards.

Color Coded Option

Color coded options for differentiating.

Independent Practice Pages

Independent practice pages includes:

(6) Noun/Verb Pages

(6) Noun/Verb/Detail Pages

Finally, have your students show what they know with the cut, build, and write practice pages.


The resource is customizable, allowing you to add any words you wish. This opens up a world of possibilities for practicing sentence writing!

A Kindergarten Must-Have

Perfect writing activity for whole group, small group, partners, independent practice or in your writing station.

Do you need more writing activities? Go to post “Writing Sentences In Kindergarten” for more ideas and resources.

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