As the school year wraps up, it’s time to kick back and relax! What a whirlwind of a year it’s been! You’ve nurtured your little learners, witnessed their progress, and prepared them for the 1st grade. So, what’s next on your summer agenda? Dive into my Summer To-Do List for Teachers below!

As kindergarten teachers, bidding farewell to the chaos of the school year and diving into the calm of summer break is like stepping into a peaceful oasis. Yet, it’s key to make the most of this time, juggling relaxation with gearing up for the next exciting school year!

Here’s my Summer To-Do List for Teachers to help you make the most of your well-deserved break.

Recharge and Relax

Start by giving yourself the green light to unwind completely. Dive into that book you’ve been eyeing, hang out with loved ones, or dust off an old hobby – whatever it takes to power up your inner batteries!


Take some time to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past school year. What worked well? What could be improved? Jotting down your thoughts can be incredibly beneficial for professional growth and planning. (Smooth End-of-Year Classroom Wrap-Up)

Professional Development

Summer break isn’t just for lounging around! Dive into professional development opportunities like workshops, webinars, or courses. Embrace new teaching techniques and tech trends that can sprinkle some magic into your classroom teaching strategies. (Summer Book Study 2023 – Exploring Mathematics through Play in the Early Childhood Classroom – Chapter 1)

Plan Ahead

Begin to prepare for the next school year by organizing your curriculum and setting goals. This could involve outlining projects, preparing lesson plans, or setting up a new classroom layout. Planning ahead can make the transition back to school smoother and less stressful. (First Week Of School Lesson Plans For Kindergarten & Freebies!!)

Connect With Colleagues

Dive into summer vibes by mingling and brainstorming with other educators. From virtual hangouts to local meet-ups, or online forums, bonding with colleagues can offer a helping hand and ignite fresh ideas.

Don’t forget, summer break isn’t just for sipping lemonade by the pool, it’s your time to recharge both personally and professionally. Soak up every bit of this break, and when you’re back in action, you’ll be all set to dazzle your kindergarten students with fresh energy and ideas!

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