Exciting Announcement: ELEVATE Professional Development Virtual Conference 2024!
Announcing our upcoming ELEVATE Professional Development Virtual Conference in 2024! This is the leading professional development event for primary pre-k to 2nd grade educators. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Experience the Thrill of ELEVATE Conferences for Professional Development

For many years now, I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at the ELEVATE Conferences. It’s a great event that blends education and entertainment, leaving attendees with a wealth of resources and practical ideas to implement immediately. If you’re a pre-K, K, 1st or 2nd Grade educator who needs professional development, this virtual conference is a must-attend.

Who Are The Presenters?

Our top-tier program focuses on enhancing the skills of Pre-K to 2nd grade teachers. Our exclusive team of exceptional national speakers includes current teachers, administrators, specialists, coaches, and consultants.

At ELEVATE, we have high standards! Our speakers are required to back their presentations with current research, model the best teaching practices, integrate active-engagement strategies into their sessions, plus provide attendees with take-home activities and resources that can be used in the classroom right away.


We’re proud to offer conference sessions based on research and evidence-based content and practices. Our presenters are skilled in engaging attendees with hands-on activities and modeling instructional best-practices. Every session provides you with lesson ideas and activity resources that you can take back to your classroom and use right away.

Rock-Bottom Prices Alert!

Empower Your Professional Development with Our Comprehensive Package

Gain access to 31 informative professional development sessions led by industry experts.

Receive a certificate verifying your 30+ hours of professional development.

Take home an abundance of valuable activities and resources.

Meaningful Math Tubs for Little Learners

Join me to discover how to enhance your math practice sessions by incorporating math tubs. These tubs can be both creative and interesting, while also addressing each math learning standard or skill. Gain insight into how to make these math tubs engaging and meaningful with new ideas and approaches.


Guess what?🤩Elevate Virtual 2024 is now open for registration! And if you have every wondered what are in those math tubs? How do you get them up and running? How many math tubs should I have? Oh hey…it’s Abbie from Kindergarten Chaos and if you have some of these same questions or have been wanting to implement intentional and purposeful math tubs in your classroom, then don’t miss out on attending my Elevate session, Meaningful Math Tubs for Little Learners. Elevate Virtual 2024 will have ALL NEW content with 32 different sessions this year, multiple key note speakers and prizes galore.🎁You do NOT want to miss out! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #elevatededucator #teacherpd #professionaldevelopment

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