The 100th day of school is a momentous day for most Kindergarteners. Not only have they completed 100 days of Kindergarten, but most strive to learn to count to 100 by this day. It is so fun!

Fresh Ideas for the 100th Day Of School. This is a momentous day that should be celebrated with fun and exciting (but easy to prep) ideas! #100thdayofschool #kindergartenteacher #classroomideas #countingto100

Not only is the 100th day of school momentous, it’s typically seen as a fun dress up and activity day. But if you have been teaching Kindergarten for 3 or more years, you could be getting bored of what you have been doing each year. I have a lot of ideas and suggestions that I have done and previously, but I recently went on a hunt for more 100th Day ideas and here they are!!

Fresh Ideas For 100th Day Of School

Your students can work together, taking turns, writing words to fill up spaces with 100 words! This is an amazing lesson in teamwork, handwriting, sight words and more!

Free 100th Day of School Cupcake & More

Students can cut and glue on sprinkles to their cupcakes. Once this is done, a fun lesson in color identification and counting can begin.

100th Day of School

Kids LOVE stickers. I like that these simple stickers are used to create works of art. They will love this and you can give them 100 to go with this day!

Such a fun idea! Reading 100 books in 100 days OR a goal of 100 books for the next 100 days! This fabulous idea is from @learning_with_mrs_k on Instagram!

@Smittenwithfirst shared this fun idea! Add “100s” around the room with the zeros being balloons. Inside the balloons is confetti and a prize. The prize can be whatever you choose but as she shows her prizes are dance parties and new pencils. You could also put extra recess, stickers, popsicles, etc.

100th Day of School grade level picture making a giant 100. #100thdayofschool #kindergarten #math

How fun is this Grade Level 100th day picture?!?

Moira on Instagram: “I almost didn’t feel like posting this because I felt like it was insensitive to be posting in light of recent events. But then I realized…”

I absolutely LOVE this idea! Spreading kindness is such an important idea to share and teach our students. This is beautiful!

100th Day of School Photo Booth! This is a great way to celebrate the 100th day of school!

A photo station is a fun idea. Kids can take turns and you can take pictures of them. You can then send them to parents. Easy peasy!

More 100th Day Ideas?

Free 100th Day Project Printables

Ultimate List of 100+ Ideas for the 100th Day of School

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