Why should I make applesauce in the classroom?

I’m so glad you asked! There are so many amazing and relevant apple activities to do with little learners, that I would recommend planning at least two weeks for apples. This theme allows for many informational text and science opportunities, but I like to end an apple unit with making applesauce in the classroom! And guess what? Not only is it fun, but it’s a great time for me to introduce recipe writing, which is developmentally appropriate and purposeful! The students love participating in helping to make the applesauce and then enjoy the fruits of their labor at the end, when they get to eat it!

What you need for making applesauce in the classroom

I have made applesauce in the classroom with my students many times and have tried different things. Here are some tips that may work for you!

Interactive Writing with Applesauce Recipe

Since the students and I have been talking and learning about apples, they are familiar with applesauce being made from apples. They may not know the exact recipe, but when I tell them we are going to make our own, they get so ecstatic! I have the ‘bones’ or template of this recipe card already added to my anchor chart. I give each student their own recipe card and a clipboard. This allows for all students to sit in the whole-group area and participate and write the recipe.

We work through each part of the recipe, starting with the ingredients. It is your choice to use inventive or correct spelling. The students follow along, adding to their recipe card. At the same time, I am following our recipe and actually ‘making’ the recipe. We finish our recipe and the insta-pot goes on, cooking our applesauce. I allow the applesauce to cool and at the end of the day, I add a little applesauce to each cup, along with a spoon. Each student gets one (unless there are dietary restrictions). It’s always fun to see which students like the applesauce and which ones do not. After our applesauce tasting, we pull our applesauce recipe card back out and finish up with our review and snapshot picture.


Making applesauce in the classroom was one of my favorite activities to do with students!🍏Not only is it easy to do, but use the opportunity for an interactive, developmentally appropriate, writing activity! A recipe card!😍 #kindergartenchaos #teachersontiktok #teachertips #kindergarten #apples #cookingintheclassroom

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Want the recipe card for your students?

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  1. Thanks so much for this! I have an Instapot and we’ll be using that! I hope that cutting the recipe in half will work as I only have 11 kids. They’re so used to the store bought stuff, they will be surprised!

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