Summer Book Study – Week 4 – Chapter 4

Are you enjoying our Summer Book Study 2023 so far? I hope so…I know that I am. If you happened to need to catch up on any specific chapter, you can find them here:

KC – Chapter 1 : KC – Chapter 2 : KC – Chapter 3

KS – Chapter 1 : KS – Chapter 2 : KS – Chapter 3

This chapter starts to connect the geometry standards to play/activities in the classroom and how to make them intentional and purposeful. I found this to be so insightful, as the Geometry standards can sometimes be a challenge. And as pg 37 says, “Sometimes early grades teachers minimize attention to geometry because most children are able to quickly name a variety of shapes and even key attributes (such as the number of corners).” I love how this chapter explains how to teach and provide more in-depth experiences for this standard.

Chapter 4 Take Aways

Highlights for Using Blocks & Legos


Dolls and Housekeeping

Final Thoughts

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