As kindergarteners leave the classroom to go on summer break, we must educate parents on how to help their children maintain the lessons the students have worked so hard to learn this past year. Stop the summer slide by passing on these tips and ideas.


Going to the library as often as possible, but at least once a week. Research has shown that going to the library helps promote reading skills and a love for reading. Exposing children to many different topics and genres is a major plus for the library. Most libraries offer summer reading and activity programs. Check out your local library for more details.


Museums help create a love for learning new things and expands children’s knowledge of the outside world. This type of exposure helps with brain development along with a growing sense of community. Children’s museums have many interactive exhibits that specifically promote physical, academic and social skills in young children. This is an excellent summertime activity.

Animal and/or Petting Zoos

Zoos are a fun, educational and many are interactive. Most have summer programs available to educate children on animal life. One of the many educational benefits of going to the zoo, is increased language skills and concepts. This helps students when they return to school and begin learning new concepts right away. Exploring and hands-on activities promote curiosity, desire to learn, interest in animals and conservation.

Hands-On Programs

Check out your local YMCA/YWCA, or community centers for children programs. Arts and crafts, music, sports are often offered at these locations. These activities help the brain develop neural connections, expand cognitive skills, and help with self-expression.


Continue to play educational games. There are many board and card games available for purchase as well as ones you can create. The purpose is to use activities throughout the summer to reinforce the academic skills your kindergartener has learned. Continue to add and subtract everyday items. Use sidewalk chalk to write sight words. Play word, spelling, math games in the pool. If you regularly review the skills throughout the summer, kids maintain the knowledge as well as develop a love for learning new things. This is critical for their successful academic future.

You Tube Channels & Apps

Bippie Learning
Art Hub
Ted Ed
Rosanna Pansiono
Brain Scoop
Khan Academy Math
Story Book Nanny

ABC Mouse
Learning With Homer
Swift Playgrounds
Brain Pop Jr.

Free Printable Parent Flyer

This is a simple flyer that can be sent home to parents to give them a bit of information about summer slide while giving them ideas on how to help their children prevent this. This printable comes in both color and black & white.

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