Are you searching for a phonics activity that your little learners can do on their own and also demonstrate their knowledge? Look no further than the Phonics Mini Books for Little Learners – the perfect solution!

Phonics Mini Books

This Phonics Mini Books resource is perfect for independent practice as well as finding out what your students know about the phonics skills you have taught or what they need to practice.

Each skill based book has 5 half pages that are easy to download and print. Just cut and staple together for a simple and easy for little hands phonics mini book. Includes a cut and glue response page for each skill book.


Phonics skills that are included in these are:


So what happens after you’ve taught and practiced a skill with your little learners in a whole group setting? 🤔Little Learners need the opportunity to independently practice and show what they know! 💕And these Mini Phonics books are PERFECT! ✔️Beginning Sound✔️Middle Sound✔️Ending Sound✔️Rhyming✔️Syllables✔️Onset & Rime ➡️It’s all included! 💬How do your students independently practice and show what they have learned? #kindergartenchaos #tiktokteacher #handsonlearning #kindergartenteacher #phonics #learningisfun

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