Hi y’all! So happy to be sharing my Kindergarten Classroom Reveal Pictures today! It’s amazing how time gets away from you, when your to-do list is a mile long. I just finished the first week of school, so pardon the ‘real-life’ pictures. 🙂 I hope you enjoy looking at my classroom set up and maybe it will give you a few ideas for your own. I though it also might be helpful to include the places I purchased items from, as well as links to where the items are available. If not available, I linked to Amazon. 
Kindergarten Classroom Pictures - ideas - kindergartenchaos.com

Kindergarten Classroom Reveal

Grab your glass of sweet tea or Diet Coke and come on in my classroom to visit my student library! Here in this area, the students can come to find books of their personal choosing and even relax on the comfy pillow or bean bag chair. (Rainbow curtain came from Ikea; String lights came from Target Dollar Section; Bean bag came from Walmart; floor pillow is actually a dog pillow bed, again from Walmart; book bins are from Really Good Stuff, but all items are found easily on Amazon as linked)

kindergarten classroom library

Classroom Library

If you are interested in how I organized my classroom library, you can check out this post! Btw, yes my husband painted my bookshelves for me over the summer. He rolled it with Rustoleum high gloss black paint. I tried spray painting it, but it turned into a disaster!

Organized Classroom Library

Computer & Listening Center

Next to my library area is my computer and listening center. I am lucky enough to have 5 computers for my students to use. Usually the students use the computers for ABC Mouse or Starfall. This is also my wall of fancy clipboards, where I post student work. (Clipboards were spray painted and I tied matching/coordinating ribbons onto the clip). My listening center table to just a small IKEA table, painted with black gloss, spray paint, (which needs re-painted…ack! Real life folks! ) I also use a CD listening center box, that I purchased from Lakeshore.

Computer Area & Clipboard Student Work Area

Word Wall

Next up is my word wall, which is really my magnetic white board. You can also see my hanging folder cart, with drawers, which I use to organize Daily 5 supplies. I purchased these last year from Walmart and they are no longer available, but here is the same thing on Amazon. The rainbow carts are full of themed supplies, as well as more Daily 5 materials. I purchased both from Sams Club for less than $30 each! For those of you that cannot find these carts, here it is on Amazon.

Kindergarten Word Wall

I purchased my alphabet from here and my chevron editable classroom set from here.

Writing Center

Next is my writing center station and one of my favorites! Of course it is the beginning of the school year, so not much there, but give us a few weeks and it will be rockin’!!

Kindergarten Classroom Decorating Ideas - kindergartenchaos.com
Writing Center Station - kindergartenchaos.com

I use the big sections for anchor charts, as well as how-to posters and monthly writing station words. (The rack with hooks is from IKEA and the baskets from Dollar Tree.)

kindergarten chaos classroom reveal

This is my white board that I do use on a regular basis. (Magnetic paper pockets are from Lakeshore. Ribbon border is just ribbon purchased from Sams Club.)

Now let’s be real for a minute…I like matchy-matchy and organization, but i’m just a busy teacher and my personal area is not the cutest, but it’s functional and works for me. Btw, I don’t have a desk and I love it!! Maybe on Winter Break my hunny can paint this bookshelf and filing cabinet! 🙂

Teacher Area kindergartenchaos.com

Group/Rug Area

Next up is my whole group / rug area. This includes my big focus wall, calendar and a few station areas.

Whole Group Rug Area kindergartenchaos.com

I use the easel every day, as well as my sterilite bins, which hold teacher materials, music and station materials. The top of my library rack holds my class set of dry erase boards, clipboards, and KleenSlates!

Carpet Area kindergarten chaos .com

Other Centers

This is a peek at the back of my room, where my dramatic play station, art station, sensory table station, and Flashy Words word wall is located. The back door is also where the students enter from at the beginning of the school day. I have a few more magnetic paper pockets, as well as a magnetic dry-erase calendar on the door, for parental communication and volunteer opportunities.

Focus Anchor Chart Wall in kindergartenchaos.com

Also here at the back of my room is my HUGE anchor chart wall. Each colored section allows me to hang all of the anchor charts that we create together as a class. Everything is paper, except the blue and black, which is actually plastic tablecloths. This eliminates the water splashing up from the sink to ruin the paper. And just to the right of the sink is our classroom bathroom and just off the bathroom, hidden from camera view, is my Promethean board and my laptop.

Kindergarten Classroom Reveal - kindergartenchaos.com

Here is a view of the student work tables, including my cute paper lanterns, which designate table colors!

The only area not shown is to the left of this picture and includes my Promethean board, my storage closet and polka dot wall, with station/differentiated cubby bins.

My Kindergarten Classroom Reveal: Organization, Decorations & More

That’s it!! My kindergarten classroom reveal…in all it’s black/white mixed patterns and primary colored theme. Hopefully you enjoyed my virtual tour and became inspired! Or have an idea, comment or question for me? Leave it below in the comments section, as I would love to chat!

One Of My Favorite Tools: Kleen Slate

Now it is my turn to give back to YOU!! One of my favorite teacher/classroom finds this year are these amazing KleenSlates.


What is KleenSlate you ask? They are  hand-held, customizable whiteboards,  which also includes a snap in dry-erase marker, with eraser cap AND it also comes with a really cool microfiber cleaning cloth on a ring that is attached!!  Another perk and use for these boards is that when you turn them over, you can insert a template or graphic organizer for student work, without wasting paper. And KleenSlate even has FREE templates for you to download and use with your boards!! These boards work perfect for any age or grade level! I love using them in small group, since the all-in-one feature eliminates hunting around for supplies. Enter to win a class set of 12 boards NOW!!

Kleen Slates in the Classroom - kindergartenchaos.com
KleenSlate Whiteboards giveaway - kindergartenchaos.com

Join In On The Fun!

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  1. I would love these whiteboards! I use white boards daily for student response. I currently teach a multi-age class K-1 and these would be great for their little hands.

  2. I have just two Kleenslate boards (without inserts) and would love more. They are lighter and easier for the students to control. We use regular old white boards on the carpet in writing and math, but they are heavy and awkward for some students.

  3. Your classroom looks great! I love The colorful hanging lanterns. Those whiteboards are too cool! Would be so useful during math instruction and small groups!

  4. I think I love using the whiteboards as much as my kiddos do! I use them for everything….good way to get the kiddos working while they have fun!

  5. The white boards would be great for practicing handwriting, math and art.

    Love your blog post!

    Good Luck Everyone!

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