The beginning of kindergarten can be very hectic with all the new little learners. Do you need academic activities that are both purposeful and engaging? Here are some year long activities that you can use from the beginning of kindergarten and beyond.

Name Recognition and Writing

Since the new kindergarten year begins with name recognition and writing, this activity helps with the instruction and retention of these skills. Honing the motor skills of your new students is an added bonus. Check out these blog posts for more ideas. “4 Name Activities Perfect For Little Learners From TikTok“, “Free Editable Name Plates“, “Build Your Name Activity“, “The Best Name Activities for Kindergarten“,

Letter ID

Letter recognition is also one of the first lessons taught in the new kindergarten year. Here are some activities that meet the national standards for this skill. Having fun, multi-purposeful products in your classroom enables you to teach in a meaningful way. Check out this blog post for more ideas. “Ideas For Teaching Letter Identification In Kindergarten“.

Need a fun, artsy activity for your kiddos that is reinforcing letter id? This is for you!! These templates are perfect for individual letter crafts and endless activities.


Perfect end of year activity for your Little Learners! Who wants a copy?! Or should I make more animals available? If so, what would you like to see? #kindergartenchaos #iteachk #iteachprek #kidscrafts #kidsactivities #homeschool #gothglue

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

Upper and Lowercase Year Long Activity

Need a year long activity to reinforce and practice both upper and lowercase letters? Here is a fun and engaging activity with seasonal themes for your kindergarteners.

Number ID and Counting

Number ID and counting is also a concept and skill taught all year long. Do you want an activity that can be used all year long? Easy to use for both you as the teacher and the students? Here is both digital and printables for your students. Check out this blog post for more ideas. “Math Ideas For The Kindergarten Classroom“.

Year Long Sight Word Activity

Sight words are taught, reinforced and practiced in many different ways. Here is an editable, year-long, themed hidden sight word activity that is simple with no-prep. YAY!!

Year Long Labeling Activity

Labeling pictures are a fun and purposeful activity for your little learners. Here is a no-prep, printable label a picture activity that has 40+ themes. This one downloadable activity can be used for the entire school year.

Editable Year Long Activity Bundle

Do you want an activity that is totally editable for the skills you are currently teaching? This year long activity can be edited for letter id, number id, math, and sight words using the 39 provided themes.

If you need ideas and directions for the first day and first week of kindergarten, check out my blog posts “First Day of Kindergarten” and “First Week of Kindergarten“. Feel free to leave comments on my FB, Instagram, Pinterest, or follow me on TikTok.

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