Are you in search of a comprehensive Writing Kit for Little Learners? After years of developing purposeful and age-appropriate writing curricula, I’m thrilled to introduce this all-in-one kit. With just one download and print, you’ll have everything you need to get your budding writers started!

Do you need fun and purposeful writing activities for your budding writers? This Writing Kit for Little Learners is an excellent resource for you, complete with 10 printable resources that fulfill academic writing standards. For an engaging experience, add these year-long writing activities to your writing stations since they are perfect for beginning writers.

What’s Included in Writing Kit for Little Learners:

• Alphabet Chart (3 options)– clip art, non-fiction images with and without long vowels.

• Alphabet Journal (cover, circle map & word page)– instructions and low-prep.

• Label a Sticker (6) or Stamp (3)-fun and engaging for your little learners.

• I Can Make a List (11)– lists plus 3 pages of school themed picture cards.

• Editable Build & Write a Sentence– 2 options for build, cut, glue and write a sentence.

• Writing Journal Cover-13 seasonal and monthly covers.

• Drawing Journal Cover

• Primary Writing Paper- 9 vertical and horizontal printing options.

• I Can Write a Book Template– easy template.

• Research Project Template– simple, developmentally appropriate template.


You’ve been asking…so here it is!✏️The Writing Kit for Little Learners! This kit includes everything you need to get started with a beginning writers center or station! Alphabet Charts, Alphabet Journal Circle Maps, Label a Sticker, I Can Make a List, Editable Build and Write a Sentence, Writing Journal Covwrs for the entire year, drawing journal cover, primary writing paper with primary rubric and printing options, I Can Write a Book template and a developmentally appropriate research project template. Also includes an information page with pictures for each one! ➡️You definitely NEED this for your Little Writers! ✍🏼📝💛Love, Kindergarten Chaos #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2023📓 #kindergartentips #tiktokteacher #kindergartenwriting #backtoschoolprep #kindergartenteacher #kindergarten

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If you’re teaching kindergarten writing, you can’t go wrong with this downloadable and printable writing kit – it’s an absolute must-have!

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