Bears are a fantastic topic to incorporate into your classroom activities this time of year! Introducing these adorable creatures to your little learners can provide a fun and engaging way to teach and reinforce academic skills. If you’re looking for Winter Bear Activities For Little Learners to add into your curriculum, we’ve got you covered.

Bears are a popular and exciting subject for young children, especially at this time of year. With students already familiar with these lovable creatures, why not use them as a theme for your lessons? Focusing on Polar or hibernating bears can be a fun and educational way to incorporate winter topics into your academic curriculum.


Use books to teach your little learners about the hibernation process of bears during winter. Explain to them how bears prepare for hibernation and what happens to their body during this process. You can also discuss the differences between hibernating bears and those that remain active during winter, like polar bears.


Incorporating literacy activities with bear-themed books is an excellent way to combine education with entertainment. Two great options are “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and “Bear Snores On“. Check out these incredible picture book activities that will get your little learners engaged! Additionally, kindergarteners can practice their writing skills by crafting their own bear stories.

Brown Bear & His Friends Letter ID Matching Boom Cards™ is great way to practice letter ID at your technology or computer station.


Incorporate bears into your math lessons by having your kindergartners count bear manipulatives or draw bears to practice shapes and sizes. You can also create word problems using bears as the theme. Number Id can be practiced at the computer station with Brown Bear & Friends Count & Match Boom Cards.


Alphabet Animal Art Activities not only incorporated letter ID but many different craft ideas. Such as Glue Art and Torn Paper Art. Bears are included in this activity. Students can also draw or paint pictures of bears, create 3D bear sculptures, or even making bear masks.


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Incorporating bears as a theme for your lessons can be a fun and engaging way to teach your little learners about a variety of academic subjects. By using a familiar and exciting subject like bears, you can help your students stay motivated and interested in learning for the day, week, month or winter season.

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