Hi friends! It’s Wednesday and I have decided to share What’s Working Well in my Classroom each and every week. I hope it’s helpful and you get some great ideas to use in your classroom.

What is working well in my kindergarten classroom

What Is Working Well In My Classroom

This week is our 3rd week of Kindergarten and we have been busy beavers learning the letters Mm, Ss, Ff, and Cc. One of the fun stations I have in my classroom is my bean sensory table, which is filled with alphabet cards and magnetic letters. I only put the letter cards in of the letters we have covered in class. This gives the students who are just learning letters some success at identifying at least a few letters. The magnetic letters are for the students who can already identify most of all of the letters. I use this accountability sheet from Kooky Kinders at this station, in which the students color in the letters they find. The students LOVE this station!

Alphabet Sensory Table Station
Alphabet Check List to go with Sensory Table
Using Sensory Tables in the Classroom

For each letter that I introduce and focus on, we create a class circle map, drawing items that begin with that specific beginning sound.

Letter Anchor Chart with Beginning Sound Pictures

And then each student has their own alphabet circle map journal, where they choose 3 different items from the class circle map and draw it in their journal and try to label it.

Alphabet Circle Map Journal

We have also been focusing on rhyming in our classroom as well. We play rhyming bridge and read lots of books that rhyme.

Iphone Pictures 9-16-15 663

I love to use this rhyming, color poem as well.

Color Rhyming Song Anchor Chart Poem

A few more rhyming activities are these great FREE rhyme & clip cards from The Measured Mom.

Rhyming Center

I also play a fun Find-Your-Rhyming-Partner game with these free cards from Tot Schooling. We also use rhyming cards to make matches and put in the pocket chart.

Match the Rhyming Card

These students are playing with a rhyming puzzle game that I purchased at Marshalls.

Rhyming Puzzles

We have been using ABC Mouse to read books and reinforce letters and sounds on the computers.

Using the Computer in the Classroom - ABCMOUSE

In math we have been focusing on numbers 0-5. We make an anchor chart to go with each number.

All About Number 4 Anchor Chart

Playdough mats are a favorite of my students. You can also find more playdough ideas, plus the easiest recipe here. I love how these playdough mats have space to show the number in the ten frame, form the number and then practice the number with a dry erase marker.

Playdough Number Mats

Wiki-Stixs are easy to use and allow the students to practice making the numbers and shapes that we have been working on. We use a metal baking pan for more stability.

Wiki-Stix Math Station

And if you missed my earlier post on teaching guided drawing, our writing has been rockin’ this week, as we have really progressed with our drawing journals!

Guided Drawing Teaching Setting of a Picture

And we can’t forget that the first few weeks of Kindergarten are filled with assessments and more assessments. My assessment time has been cut in half, by using ESGI. If you haven’t heard of this amazing software, then head over to the website and get a trial account!! I promise having all of the data collected and graphed for you is a huge life saver and gives parents the important information that they need! If you or your school is ready to make the purchase of a license, then use the code B7015 to get $40 off!!

Using ESGI in the classroom for Assessment - kindergartenchaos.com

Whew…it’s been a busy week in our classroom and there have been a lot of things that have worked well. What about your classroom? I would love to hear what’s working well in your classroom…leave your comments below! See you guys soon!

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