March, comes in like a lion, out like a lamb. Right? Then there’s April showers bring May flowers. Spring is also the time so many Kindergarten classrooms are really focusing in on subtraction. So combining the two, I created this freebie for all of you. Introducing the What’s The Difference? A Spring Subtraction Book.

Spring Subtraction Book

A low prep, engaging and fun spring subtraction book for kindergarteners. A print & go activity your students will love!

Subtraction is something we use on a daily basis and something that is important that we learn it early on. This subtraction book is an engaging way to help students solidify their understanding of this important concept. Focusing on numbers 0-7, students will cut and glue to show their answers. This helps increase creativity and fine motor skills, as well as the crucial math skill.

Materials Needed:

How To Prep

The first thing to do is print the subtraction book. There are 6 pages in each book. Two identical pages on one page, for easy prep for you. You can take one of each page, cut in half then staple together. The books are now ready for student use. The pages include a subtraction sentence and the counters to help students solve the problem. There is also space for them to write the answer.

How Students Will Make

Students will start with the first page. They can color the counters first, if you would like them to, otherwise ignore that. Next, cut out the counters for that page. They will use these to solve the problem and glue the correct number of counters on the page.

They will follow this process through all the pages of the book.

Alternative Idea

You could print the pages, cut the pages as well as the printable counters and laminate. The pages can be used in a math station to be used over and over.

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