Have you ever thought “What would make my school year better next year?” Well, I have exactly what you have been looking for. Keep reading for What Every Kindergarten Teacher Needs For Next Year.

Every teacher will experience an unexpected emergency at some point during the school year. Are you prepared?!?

Imagine this: it’s 5 am, you’re gearing up for the day, and bam! You or a family member wake up feeling under the weather. Or maybe another urgent scenario pops up, throwing a curveball into your school work day plans. How on earth do you manage a room full of kindergarteners with no substitute teacher strategy in your back pocket? Yikes! What’s the game plan now?!?!


Looking for a simple Sub Tub Activity pack for those days when you have an emergency? Or maybe you will use this as our sub plans! 🤓 It’s 38 activities and can be used for any time of year! Print & Go! #kindergartenchaos #kindergarten #substituteteacher

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Introducing the Kindergarten Sub Tub Activity Pack. This resource includes 38 versatile activities that are not theme-specific, and can be utilized all year round. Your sub and simply print and go! No need to figure out where you left off in your previous lessons. This pack ensures that your little learners can engage in educational activities, stay on course, and keep learning even in your absence during an unforeseen emergency.

Don’t let this must-have Sub Tub slip through your fingers! It’s your secret weapon to tackle any unexpected school year emergency surprises like a pro!

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