Printable Pack: How To Use School Supplies. A printable for each school supply to help kids learn how to use them properly including scissors, glue, dry erase marker, crayon, etc.

It’s Week 2 of my Kindergarten Year. I am finally matching all of my students names with their faces and even learning some of their personalities. We’ve gone over all of the simple classroom procedures and rules, practiced most of our routines and was introduced to a full week of our typical kindergarten schedule. During our first week of kindergarten, we learned how to use pencils, crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors and glue bottles and glue sticks! If you are looking for ideas on how to teach using these ‘tools’, go here to read about it, or here to purchase it! Now it’s time to get down to business, isn’t it? Let’s break out those school supplies and start focusing on our social, emotional and academic skills! In this post I am sharing my Week 2 Lesson Plans, a printable gift tag for a fun student gift (it’s editable), an editable name and picture card template, as well as an editable version of my weekly lesson plan template. You asked and now you shall receive! 🙂

Kindergarten Lesson Plan + Freebies

Kindergarten Week 2 Lesson Plan #kindergartenteacher #lessonplans #printablelessonplan

Week 2 Lesson Plan

This week we are diving into…making friends, more colors, shapes and sorting. We will be learning about how to draw using shapes, as well as the head line, belt line, and foot line. This week also starts our explicit study on letter names & sounds. The first 2 focus letters will be Mm and Ss. You can download my week 2 lesson plan HERE. 🙂

Editable Weekly Lesson Plan Template

You asked and I’m answering. I am sharing my weekly lesson plans but I totally understand that an editable template could be more beneficial for you. We all do different things in our classroom and this will allow you to have the same organization but with the activities and ideas that work best in your classroom.

There is a space for each day of the week, weekly specials as well as the different centers that you may have every day.

Get Your Copy Here.

Gift Tag Freebie

I used this adorable gift tag for a simple gift for my students on Back To School – Meet the Teacher Night. It was a huge success. This is absolutely not a necessary thing, but it was nice to be able to give my students a cute little gift. I feel as though this helps students feel more comfortable with me and not be so anxious or nervous to start school the next day. This is incredibly important, especially for kindergartners!

I am sharing this gift tag for you as a freebie for all. You can edit and print here. The editable spaces are for your name and grade.

You could find sweet little glasses like I did or you could do:

Free Editable Back To School Gift Tag For Students! #backtoschool #studentgift #kindergartenteacher #elementaryteacher

Student Name & Picture Card Freebie

I started doing making these cards a few years ago and it is a MUST DO every year!! I try and take my students picture on the first or second day of school. After uploading their pictures to my laptop, I crop each picture to a square size. I insert each picture into the template and add their first name, using the FREE Janda Bubble or Janda Manatee font. I print 2-3 copies of these cards! My students use these cards to ‘sign in’ for attendance and lunch count, a second set gets taped onto their individual cubbies and another set goes into the writing station, so the students can write each others names. I hope you enjoy this freebie!! Click on the picture, or HERE for your download!

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  1. Where did you find those sunglasses again? Walmart? Target? They are so cute! I’m totally doing that this year! Thank you!!

  2. I wasn’t able to download your free lesson plan template . Would you be able to let me know how i can access it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your help. I’m tutoring a kindergartner, have taught school, but not kindergarten. Also no printer. I would love to accept your freebies to save time but no printer. I have phone and iPad.

      1. Hello and thank you for your message! You can try and save the PDF’s as pictures and then use them on the IPad. Just an option.

  3. Do you have a place where you continue to share your lesson plans beyond week 3? Love seeing your ideas and always looking for ways to improve or tweak my ways a little!! Keep up the amazing job and sharing wonderful idea-greatly appreciated!

    1. I plan on posting more this weekend! I can’t promise that they will always be super detailed like previous ones, but at least you will have a snapshot.

  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing your wonderful plans! I am trying to get your editable template to be able to indicate days like filed trips, school assemblies, etc… but, the clickable link isn’t working. Is there another place I can look or would you mind sharing with me directly?

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