Have you ever used these low cost office supply products for teaching your little learners? No?!? Here are fun and engaging Ways To Use Sticky Notes For Learning Activities In Kindergarten.

Kindergarteners love using products and supplies that are new and unfamiliar. I found that using sticky notes in the classroom makes for more engagement and excitement in whatever skill you are teaching. Your students will love using these traditionally office supply products. This is a low cost and easy way to ramp up participation with intentional purpose.

Build Your Name

One of the first activities with sticky notes is the “Build Your Name” activity at the beginning of the school year. This is a fun and meaningful way to engage your little learners in learning how to spell and write their own names. Write the letters of their name on sticky notes, attach to the top of this **FREEBIE** download, and let you students learn all about the letters of each child’s name.

Go to post “Build Your Name Activity” to learn all about this purposeful activity and for **FREEBIE** download.

Do you need more name activities? Go to blog post “4 Name Activities Perfect For Little Learners From TikTok” and “The Best Name Activities for Kindergarten” for more information and ideas.

Morning Message Practice and Review

Start your morning in an engaging and purposeful way with sticky notes!! Use your whiteboard for your morning message with the letters you are learning underlined or highlighted. Write letters on the bottom of the board. Use sticky notes to hide the letters or numbers. Have your students pick a sticky note and practice whatever skill you choose. Find the letter/number they uncovered in your message…say the letter/number out loud…write the letter/number they uncovered on the board… Later on in the year, you can add cvc/sight words to the board. Your students will love this fun and easy practice and review activity.

Anchor Chart Activities

Use sticky notes to write letters, numbers, cvc/sight words, etc. for your anchor chart activities. These removeable sticky notes are also great for hiding letters/numbers etc. Then the students can remove a sticky note and say the letter/number or a word that begins with the letter. Perfect for practice and review! And your students will love using these supplies!

Go to “Must-Make Kindergarten Anchor Charts” and “Classroom Management Anchor Charts” for more ideas and information about anchor charts.

Custom Sticky Notes

Have you ever needed a custom sticky note for your classroom? Here is a template for printing your own custom sticky notes. Just download this **FREEBIE**, print, put sticky notes on template, and copy. Voila!! Custom sticky notes for your classroom!!!


Personal & customized Sticky Notes for the classroom!🗒P.S. My sticky notes came from Dollar Tree! The size is 3×3! Let me know if you want the template…it will be free. Where should I upload it? Comment below and tell me what you would put on these sticky notes! #kindergartenchaos #backtoschool2022 #teachertips #teacherhacks #tiktokteacher

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What are some other Ways To Use Sticky Notes For Learning Activities In Kindergarten that you have found to be helpful? Have you used sticky notes in your classroom to teach your students? Feel free to comment and follow me on my social media. FB, Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Instagram.

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