Have you ever used Giant Kerplunk in your kindergarten classroom? No?!? Here are some fun and engaging ways to use this game for your little learners.

This is a fun and engaging way to teach and reinforce many different skills in your kindergarten class. Giant Kerplunk can be used as a classroom management tool as well.

What Is Kerplunk?

This game has sticks that are inserted into holes in the tube. Balls are then dropped in the top of the tube. The sticks hold the balls in place until enough sticks are removed to drop a ball.

Just set up this giant, colorful game on a table or desk and it is ready for use throughout the day, week, or month. Your students can pull a stick and a ball or balls will eventually fall down. You can choose rewards based on if a ball falls, if many fall down, or if all the balls come down. There is a lot of anticipation with this fun reward game.


Kerplunk can be used as a reward for answering correctly in whole group. A game stick is removed after a student answers correctly. Have the kindergartener identify the letter, sound, sight word, or number. When the answer is correct, the student then gets to remove a stick. This is fun and full of anticipation!! Your little learners will love to practice their academic skills when they have an opportunity to remove a game stick. When the balls all fall down, you can decide if the students get free time, recess or any other reward of your choice.

Classroom Management

Using this Giant Kerplunk game is perfect for classroom management as well. When students do well, show kindness, line up correctly, are quiet in the hall, or exemplify any other classroom rule, you can have a student remove a stick. When all of the sticks are removed, a reward is given. Extra recess, timed recess, free time, game time, pizza party, etc. The students are then able to participate in the achievement of these extra rewards.

Have you used Giant Kerplunk in your kindergarten classroom? What are some of the other ways this game can be use? Please comment on my social media–FB, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tik Tok.

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