What do you do with all of the leftover napkins from the parties in your classroom? Here is a really unique and purposeful way to use them while Upcycling For Little Learners.

Supplies Needed

Leftover Party Napkins

Preferred Paper (lined or unlined)

Stapler and Staples

Take a stack of leftover napkins and open them.

Add paper to center. Lined or unlined will work just fine.

Next, staple paper inside of napkin.

Now your little learners have a small upcycled book that they can write and publish their own stories.

A fun and practically free writing practice Upcycling For Little Learners resource!! A win-win!!!


❓Leftover napkins from a class party? Or even a party from your own personal events? 📌Don’t throw away those extra napkins! Turn them into little books and add them to your writing station or use them as a final draft and for little writers to ‘publish’ their stories! 🥰This is a simple and practically FREE idea that your little learners will LOVE!➡️Don’t forget to like and save this post as a reminder of writing ideas! ✍🏼 Do you have more ideas or love this one? 💬Please comment & share with the Kindergarten Chaos community! #kindergartenchaos #handsonlearning #teachersoftiktok #writing #kidsactivities #kidscrafts #teacherhacks

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This **FREEBIE** can be printed using a smaller print size or cut to size for this amazing upcycle!!

Another fun and purposeful idea from Kindergarten Chaos!!

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