I distinctly remember making a gift for my parents in Kindergarten. It was a macaroni and paper plate picture frame ornament. It’s not a horrible idea, I’m sure my mom sheds a tear every time she pulls it out of the ornament storage box. That being said, there is something better. There is a better keepsake gift that students can make for their parents. Something that their parents will keep on a bookshelf all year round and love. Que: Bare Books.

Have you heard of them? Let me tell you about these gems.

I’ve Never Heard of Bare Books…

Bare Books is an amazing publishing company out of Wisconsin that provides inexpensive and quality blank products for students of all ages and abilities. Some of the blank educational products include game boards, puzzles, and books of various shapes, sizes and covers. These blank pieces inspire creativity and serve as cherished keepsakes for teachers and families for years to come!! Keep reading to see your options!

Fun Keepsake Gift Book

There are almost endless options for these books, but the general idea is that you pick any style and size that suits your students or child. Children will then write and illustrate a story in this book that is an ACTUAL Hard-Bound BOOK! Parents will be able to remember the creativity, innocence and beauty of their little one’s mind forever with this book.

Reviews have come back to Bare Books that expresses that current teachers remember making a Bare Book when they were in Kindergarten and they enjoyed making it. Plus, their parents still have the book still on their shelves. It is a timeless keepsake!


These customizable books are so incredibly reasonable. It’s a sweet gift from students that won’t break the bank!! I completely understand that Christmas is expensive in the first place, and then we have to buy supplies for our students to make a gift for their parents. It is best to go inexpensive, I get it! These books are NOT expensive AND the quality is not cheap. Isn’t that the best of both worlds? Inexpensive and solid quality! PLUS, it’s a gift that parents will actually love!

Versatile & Durability

There are a ton of options of these Bare Books. There are blank books with a variety of sizes and binding and include blank covers to illustrate. There are also themed books. These covers have black and white lined pictures that kids can color. The ones that stood out to me were dinosaurs, ocean, ld map, and flowers. That is only a few of the wonderful options. I also love that they have a comic book option. Many kindergartners love comic books, so this option may be even more motivating for your students.

While these are fantastic for Christmas presents, there are other ways these fun Bare Books can be used too. Use this current sale to stock up for an end of the year autograph book, an end of the year memory book or a Mother’s / Father’s day gift.

Create Your Own Game

I love this create your own game set! It includes a high-quality game board with customizable spaces, blank game cards, design-your-own spinner, games pieces, dice, sand timer, and ‘money’. This would be perfect for creating a class game or even as a cool and unique gift for your own kids or nieces and nephews!

Instilling Creativity

I am always searching for ways to help my students explore their creativity. Learning ABCs and 123s is obviously important, but I want to help my students find themselves, even at the young age of 5 or 6. I want to show them how to express themselves. Bare Books wants this too.

Have you ever noticed how kids do their best work when they have a real book in their hands. It’s even better when they are creating this book all on their own. There is something very exciting to children about making their own story. I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard kids say they feel like a real author/writer when using Bare Books. This is pure magic. This is a feeling I always want to help my students feel!

Macaroni picture frame ornaments are cute, but it’s not a handmade book.

Bare Books are the best keepsake gift your students could make!

Not only are these books cost effective and full of benefits, making them the best gifts kids could make for their families, but I have a discount code!!

Head over now and grab your favorites!

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